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The enclosure for servals had rotted resting boards, leaving broken areas and jagged points. The district and high school mascot is the Pioneer, with maroon and white serving as the school colors. The racial makeup of the city was Fish and Wildlife Service denied Wild Wilderness Safari a Captive Bred Wildlife Permit CBW , which facilities are required to have in order to engage in interstate trade of captive-bred endangered species for conservation purposes. The district encompasses Highfill and a portion of Cherokee City.

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In the city, the population was spread out with The enclosure for servals had rotted resting boards, leaving broken areas and jagged points. The USDA cited Wild Wilderness for failing to provide sick animals with adequate veterinary care, and for failing to correct several noncompliant items found during previous inspections. It was also cited for failing to provide adequate primary enclosures. Despite the citations, Wild Wilderness continues to exhibit cubs in this dangerous manner. The enclosures for leopards had wire extending into the cages and rusted support poles, several rhesus macaques were running free in the drive-through area, and the enclosure for cougars had a broken support pole. Since a number of the non-compliant items for animal care and housing are serious violations of the Animal Welfare Act, we are unable to find that you meet the issuance requirement of having adequate expertise, facilities, and resources to conduct your intended purpose under the CBW registration. There were housing units at an average density of A spider monkey had exposed bone visible on the tips of its toes, and several baboons were suffering from lesions. Public education[ edit ] Public education is primarily provided by the Gentry School District , which supported more than 1, students in — The average household size was 2. He left the animal in the enclosure, returned a short time later, and the animal was dead. A community-wide Thanksgiving program is hosted each year by one of the local churches. The inspector noted that several animals were crouched down and huddled together and that many were currently under treatment after losing the tips of their digits to frostbite. The facility representative stated that he had placed a collar on the animal for the purpose of leading the animal. The facility was also issued repeat citations for failing to have sufficient barriers to keep the public at a distance from the animals and failing to provide safe and sufficient housing. During the inspection, a ruffed lemur was loose with the public after she was let out of the enclosure by a member of the public. Four enclosures housing cougars or leopards had shelters too small for the animals to stand up in. A 7 month old lion cub was found dead in his cage after being strangled by the dog collar he was wearing. All animals must be handled in a manner that does not cause any harm to the animal. In , the U. No necropsy was performed. Competitive sports programs include football, baseball, fast-pitch softball, men and women's basketball and soccer, bowling, cross country, wrestling, cheer, golf, volleyball, and track teams. This is an indication that you are unable to maintain compliance with the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act. Most denominations offer programs for youth and families as well as regular worship services.

Zoo gentry ar

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This is an indication that you are unable to maintain compliance with the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act.

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