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TH12 Is it just me, or are these Siege Machines over priced and too slow to cook?. Again - I am not trying to complain. So - there isnt any loot to be had that I see. It doesn't get much more American than that. Its been costing me over k gold and nearly k elixir to rearm after each defense.


So - there isnt any loot to be had that I see. Those interested in signing up for the beef binge can visit zburgercontest. We have it on good authority all participants will also receive a severe case of the meat sweats, a permanently-in-orbit cholesterol level and an all-expenses paid trip to the toilet soon after the competition. Most have much less. Even we think that's fucking nuts. Not ready to take the greasy plunge? Perhaps more importantly, they stated in the post that the game won't have Season Passes -- all extra content will be free, with an "evolving, event-driven live service" for future releases. You can only upgrade or unlock them if you have reached a high enough rank, which is determined by playing the game. I finally got there this morning and here is my observation. What am I missing here on why its costing more more than I am making? There are many things you can earn in the game, including weapons, attachments, credits, Star Cards, Emotes, Outfits and Victory Poses. If you get a duplicate Star Card in a crate, you will get crafting parts which you can then use to help upgrade the Star Card of your choice. It doesn't get much more American than that. Maybe if I was better I could successfully raid these but for now I cant beat these. At least to offset the cost of rearming would help a lot. Its part of the game and I am ok with it. I am a nearly max TH9 and I have been hanging around around G2. I finally decided to go for Masters having never been above C2 before. If you plan on getting in on this patriotic display of gluttony, you best come prepared, because if you're holding out hopes of grabbing one of the top prizes, it won't come easy. Just saying I get why a defensive win maybe could get a bonus too. However - to get these wins they are tripping most of my traps. That's 40 burgers in 20 minutes over the past two years. As a balance goal, we're working towards having the most powerful items in the game only earnable via in-game achievements. I do love the more challenging bases up here though. I am literally losing loot staying here between whats raided and what it costs to rearm.


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INSANE 29 KILL SOLO WIN! LOOT LAKE EVENT! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Maybe if I was better I could successfully raid these but for now I cant beat these. Very few bases I am seeing have more than 50k each.

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