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We also increased the lust quotient by licking and sucking the melting ice cubes from each others' bodies. Some couples love getting raunchy inside a deep freezer with frozen ice all around. Lay all the cards on the table. Every girl and a most men have had one of these scripts in her head. But to follow the rhythm of the game, when playing in a trio, share your attention equally if the guest star is a woman. So speak, and speak about it some more. First, start using some sex toys to create a feeling of the threesome during regular sex, or visit a strip club together and see how she responds.

Wildest sexual fantasies

To be conquered by a stranger is such a romantic and hot dream of so many women. This is no place for timidness, just let your temptations take over. As the ice melted it caused tantaslising sensations that turned us on. She may be dreaming about two hot males fighting over her body and attention, so if you are not against it, make it happen. Steamy romp using ice cubes: First, start using some sex toys to create a feeling of the threesome during regular sex, or visit a strip club together and see how she responds. Mud fights looks interesting on screen, but when real life couples jump into messy muddy pools with their lovers, it can certainly add to their sexual pleasure. Play around with her nipples, any game you want to play here is good. Also, this fantasy is perfect for both of you, because the next time you can change the roles and be her slave. That sexual fantasy is not something women are usually very vocal about. Such a fantasy might make you dish out the mullah, but the pleasure is surely worthwhile. These little gestures are a perfect way to stimulate their moan zones for a better performance. Watching their performance in the trial room mirror or keeping a check of who's standing outside keeps them aroused for a gratifying act. After a couple of minutes, head down to her breasts. It brings an immense gratification when you can view the whole world, but no one can see you as you indulge in a sexual session with your beloved. To make it entertaining, dress differently than usual and be an actor for that night. Then, if she says yes, you can move forward and invite somebody over for a magical night. The hidden pleasure of finding your beau's moan zones through their clothes adds an edge to the love-making," says year-old copy editor Pragya Sen. Being naked amidst nature is a great thrill," says year-old teacher Madhavi Malani. Couples who wish to move away from bedroom boredom can take their sexual act all the way to their washrooms, kitchens or balconies. This one figures high on the wish list of couples. Here are some never-heard before sexual fantasies that can rock your sex life. Making out in a hot air balloon: Speak with her, be very open and ask her if she would like to experience a threesome and which gender she would like to add to your couple — him or her. It was hard to keep our moaning down," admits year-old student Deepak Jha. It was a stimulating experience to get so wild. It's not a bad idea to get down and dirty and introduce some adventure into your sex act by reenacting your sexual fantasies.

Wildest sexual fantasies

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Top 10 Sexual Fantasies Many Women Want Fulfilled

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After the romp, we had a bath together and that got us lustful for more hot sex," says year-old lawyer Ram Chandra.

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