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This is another matter of preference. DDLG should allow you to continue with your life. But not all submissives, slaves, masochists are littles. If we try to explore all of them at the same time here then it will only create confusion. Caregivers are individuals who give care to the littles and same individual with similar identities. When they get in a relationship, the relationship is called DDLG relationship. Be supportive of any action that lets her little personality shine.

What is ddlg about

The thing about relationships is, no one couple has experience compared to the next couple. We would love to hear how you define your relationship! The main difference is the existence of Daddy space and the urge and need of a Daddy to care of a little. One night might just be roleplay. You get the idea. Identity means it is who they are. When she is the last stages of development, she is called a big. This is only one aspect of your life, and you share it with the person you trust the most. Be supportive of any action that lets her little personality shine. When they get in a relationship, the relationship is called DDLG relationship. As she is in stages of development, she needs care, nurturing, protection and guidance. Remember to re-evaluate your boundaries regularly. Schedule a time period for your kinks to ensure both partners in the relationship gets what they need! Even a little can be a caregiver for other littles. What is difference between a Submissive, slave, masochist and little? Let your role emerge slowly. Being perfectly comfortable with someone also means that you trust them. You should already know each other very well. It depends on your relationship. A little can be a Submissive, slave, masochist. DDLG is a vast and big umbrella term. The DDLG aspect is established by you. But she is also an adult, she needs love and a mate. No regression happens in the little. The only difference to it is the genders in the relationship.

What is ddlg about

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Daddy Dom, Little Girl

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That myth comes from people who misunderstand the terms. Anything to bring awareness to the general public.

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