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She is silenced down to a whimper, joined by the Doctor. On the floor, covered in tendrils, the Doctor is still unconscious. The Doctor tries valiantly to fight, decrying her subjugation of both the Zarbi and the Menoptra. But it turns round just as Ian attempts to sneak past and it advances on him, chirping rapidly. Vicki laughs and takes the aspirin, grimacing at the awful taste. She knows it is new but has a hard time believing it was a gift from Nero. Barbara and Hrostar run for their lives but find Zarbi everywhere they turn.

What does trepidatious mean

They were all believed to have been lost. Only one Zarbi now guards the Doctor and Vicki, the others engaged elsewhere. He wishes to examine it further and asks Ian for something sharp. Hlynia, ecstatic, calls Vicki over to see the miracle. The power of the weapon feeds back and causes a small explosion in the room. Hrostar is nervous, noting the larvae gun pointing at the cage door, but Barbara joins with the others and tells him they must try. He explains that the ADJ's are no good after an hour's use, but he believes they can breathe in the thin atmosphere with some difficulty. Vicki joins him, fresh from hiding the spider specimen for safe keeping. He examines it, explaining to Vicki the incident with Ian's gold pen. He decides to try and trick her in order to allow Ian to escape and find Barbara. All of this gives them very high morale, enables them to take great pride in their work and then they will literally love to come to work. However, he suggests that he and Vicki should take the isop-tope and go into the Khazenome from the north. Their chirping fills the air. The door closes behind them and they are all trapped. They must now succeed, he says, so that Hrostar's sacrifice is not in vain. It is small but it is powered by the isop-tope and is designed to attack the Animus and her web by reversing the growth pattern of its cells. It is a danger they face daily. Barbara tries to properly set the controls to align with Pictos, then Prapillus calls out to the main force, warning them of what has gone wrong. If they can climb up to the Plateau and be there when the first Menoptra arrive, they may be able to turn the others back before it's too late. Elsewhere, Barbara's zombie-like progression is watched by another strange creatures. There is still no sign of the invasion spearhead. She hid it in the astral map thinking it would be safe there. They reach the north entrance and see no Zarbi about, but both are trepidatious. Cut to a wider shot to show that he is in an off-licence. When the butterflies don't answer her questions right away, she tries to bolt from the cave. The boss thinks one of their employees has made a mistake, and instead of finding out if it really was a mistake the boss orders a change or grills the employee as to why they made the mistake. The only way that the workforce can deal with managers who treat them in this way is to disengage and ignore the behavior.

What does trepidatious mean

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Trepidatiously Meaning

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