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Hamburger Challenge Just like the French Fry challenge, this challenge also involves fast food restaurants. Players are not allowed to pause for more than a second or two when it's their turn. Split them up into teams with the middle schoolers competing against the high schoolers. Choose a third person to pick categories or put categories in a bowl and each person takes a turn drawing from the bowl. Each participant will need a blindfold and when the challenge begins they will all be given a fry from each place one at a time trying to guess where the fry came from.

What are some fun challenges

But if you choose to opt out of the tape, keeping score works too, or if you feel daring, then think of your own punishments. Also do not go beyond your limits because it can easily become extremely hazardous if you do. Wet Head Challenge A quiz challenge where players wear a special helmet with tubes attached that they must pull out when they get an answer wrong. Okay, so it might sound old-fashioned and corny, but sometimes the older games and challenges are the most popular. Finishing everything on your tray without throwing up will determine the winner of this competition. The goal is to say any word when it's your turn to speak, as long as you don't repeat a word someone has said in that round. While these challenges might seem very silly, they can also be amusing and fun for the participants. The person who scoops the most cotton balls wins. Chubby or Fluffy Bunny This is another oldie challenge that was common at sleepovers. If they only correctly guess one of them, then they get 1 point. Pencils have never been more terrifying. All the watermelon you care to eat! Have the food at least be edible in some shape or form, and as with any food challenge: Cold Tub Challenge The cold tub challenge is also called the ice bath challenge, and it involves sitting in a cold tub filled with ice to see which of your friends can last the longest without jumping out. A point is given for each correct guess and the person with the most points wins the challenge. YouTubers normally use the tape to add a comedic effect to their videos. Another way to play this game is to set a small budget and cook a meal within that budget. Be extremely careful if you do this challenge. Try it and see what happens. You are not allowed to drink any water or soda. Listen to the person in front of you and order exactly what they do. Water in the Mouth Challenge Laugh all you can but not when there is water in your mouth! What they say is as ridiculous as you might imagine it'd be. Bubblegum Challenge Gather everyone around in a circle. Clingfilm Challenge The Cling film challenge involves using sellotape to trap someone in a chair and the person has to try and free themselves.

What are some fun challenges

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Just like any other obstacle course, there must be a time limit, so, you guessed it, the person who completes the obstacle in the least amount of time without falling off the board wins the challenge!

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