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The angular contact bearings in head and on leadscrews, etc. Where extra heavy-duty use was likely the option was offered of hardened screws. An ISO gear oil is used in the often overlooked backgear speed-reduction box. Another pre-computer era precision measuring system the "Stanmatic" O. All the pulleys - and the shafts with the main drive gears - were dynamically balanced for smooth running. The cross traverse on the Mk. Three rates of power feed were available: The initial drive from the motor was by a 4 or 5-step V-pulley to an intermediate pulley fastened to the bottom of which was a toothed pulley.


Although the following notes apply to the Mk. The 8-speed later optionally speed Mk. The head was securely clamped by six bolts passing through it longitudinally three from each side and four in traverse, The ram, which could carry a slotting head at its rear ready to be swung into action, had 15 inches of rack-and-pinion driven travel and sat either directly on top of the column or fitted to a raiser block of 4, 6 or 8 inches in thickness. The angular contact bearings in head and on leadscrews, etc. However, this need not be a concern - those particular models had few really significant mechanical differences that the one Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manual issued covered them all, including the PAL, a cheaper version with a lighter vertical head. A rather different machine was the Mk. The cross traverse on the Mk. A useful accessory, the "Right-angle Attachment" combined here with a kit of parts to convert the machine into a horizontal miller With the head set over at ninety degrees either to the left or the right the miller could be pressed into service as a horizontal borer. A special-purpose miller set up with three heads the middle fitted with variable-speed drive and a rev counter as used on the VBRP model and designed for use with hydraulic control for 3D work. The model-identification system used on the millers was confusing, with the un-named "MK. The "rapids" motor returned the table at " per minute on 50 cycle power and " per minute on 60 cycle. This error was corrected on the Mk. Beaver also built a 4. Table and head movements - side elevation Table and head movements - front elevation Head-swing movements in plan. The maximum clearance between the spindle nose and table of 17". Operation and Maintenance data for other models can be found here When Balding Engineering introduced their new Bridgeport-like machine, in , the family firm had a 14, sq. Standard machines were normally supplied with either a 2 hp or 3 hp motor although, if required, a two-speed motor with 1 and 2 hp on each speed could be fitted at extra cost. The saddle-to-knee contact area was a usefully large sq. A variable-speed head complete with a tachometer was also eventually made available and a picture of this unit can seen mounted as the centre unit of 3 lower down on this page. The ram, which could carry a slotting head at the opposite end to the milling head, had 15 inches of travel and sat either directly on top of the column or fitted to a raiser block of 4, 6 or, as illustrated, 8 inches thick. Neglect can cause the pinion to wear or crack. Both screws were fitted with backlash eliminators that allowed the machine to be used for the normally-to-be-avoided "climb milling" technique where the workpiece is drawn under the cutter in the same direction as the table feed instead of against it. The screws were all made in-house and finish ground. The head could be "nodded" through 45 degrees either forwards or backwards and, at the same time, swivelled on the column. The feed rate was changed, as on all earlier Beaver millers, by removing a panel and changing over pick-off gears that were secured to their shafts by quick-release retaining springs.


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April Consignment 2014 Lot 1544: Baldingmil Turret Milling Machine, Model VBRP

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Later models including the very common Mk. A rather different machine was the Mk.

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