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She lives in New York City. As I journeyed, I found that you had taken a lot from me. In spite of all your efforts to be sure I never found myself, I found that you managed to lead me right back to my soul in a profound and intimate way. This is the question that launches the sometimes life-long quest to somehow wrest or capture the maternal love the child so desperately needs. All of this happens beyond consciousness.

Unloving mother quotes

The lack of an attuned mother is a nonevent for a reptile and a shattering injury to the complex and fragile limbic brain of a mammal. Many unloving mothers make sure their daughters look and sound good in public, and they pay attention to behaving lovingly in public which is all the more confusing to a child. But humans, even small ones, want to make sense of their circumstances. Daughters are socially expected to be close with their mothers. Not your love but mine. Notably, they are questions that bubble up to the surface throughout the lifetime of the adult who was once a child unloved by her mother. She has no contact with her rejecting parents who did not answer. You do not owe your abusive mother anything. The jealousy—and panic—she feels in the moment, sparked by those mother-daughter pairs, may dog her for the rest of her life. Then come the traces of your mother you will have to unlearn from your own personality: All a child wants is to love, and be loved in return. How could you hate the woman who carried you for 9 months? Remember — abusive mothers are still abusive even if they give you gifts, even if they sometimes act sweet, even if they send you to the best private schools. Our hardwired need for maternal love is the engine for the questioning voice. They were grown enough to realize what to expect. Even as you sought to limit me, you expanded me. This is the question that launches the sometimes life-long quest to somehow wrest or capture the maternal love the child so desperately needs. What can I do to make my mother love me? As I journeyed, I found that you had taken a lot from me. You are more than welcome to share the link but do not copy and paste the text and post elsewhere. Some daughters become high-achievers, hoping that will do the trick, while others take a more negative path. Our brains develop—quite literally—and are shaped by our experiences with our mothers. The age at which the child begins to question varies enormously from individual to individual but here, drawn from anecdote and story, are the questions unloved children ask. This is what they wrote: Every time I try to put what the experience feels like into words—yes, it was my reality growing up—I end up quoting the authors of the truly marvelous book, A General Theory of Love. I share this with her permission in the hopes that some of you, who despair of ever being on an even keel or being able to move past the longing, can find encouragement in her words. In search of the love I needed and deserved and which you denied, I traveled a hard and lonely path only to find that I had within me what I needed all along.

Unloving mother quotes

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(How to Heal your Relationship with your Mother) - (Guided Meditation) by *Samantha Fe*

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Being a mother does not mean getting pregnant and giving birth.

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