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As in the things that you DO rather than things that happen TO you. Karma has causes, karma itself, and karma results. Villagers were reluctant to give even minor details about their lives, much less describe their feelings on resettlement. We would be on the road for eight days, traveling 1, miles through the prefecture and meeting some of its , people. He was so affable that even the Chinese Communist Party officials, ill-humored and imperious, seemed to bow a bit in his presence.

Tibetan chat room

About a third of them lived in Aba. Jan 09, 3: Lunch is the main meal of the day and is yummy. In , the Chinese government embarked on a Tibet publicity blitz, hosting several delegations of foreign journalists to previously closed areas. Each boasted of high productivity figures, but all we saw were long sterile corridors without workers, and pristine metal machines. Then the monk sat at the front of the room, and we picked up our notebooks. It serves tea, coffee, soft drinks, ice cream, snacks and all sorts of other products. Officials on the trip repeatedly emphasized that Tibetans are free to worship as they please — and the interview, planned for our fourth day, was their chance to prove it. In China, publicly praising the year-old monk could result in a visit from state security or even a jail term. The rooms are very quiet as guests are asked to be quiet after 10pm, and there's no loud music allowed. He asked all the teenagers who believe human nature is basically positive to raise their hands. The area remains open to foreign tourists. Then we eat dinner. The shadowy men recorded us all. However, DO some serious homework before starting the search or meeting the Lama.. He clasped his hands. This isn't always possible, but it is very important to be cautious. The officials seemed to relax slightly, and Chinese media began running stories about the trip. But as soon as we shifted the conversation to religion, he seized up, and his eyes darted anxiously. Don't expect to be picked out of the crowd for "special" teachings, or picked out of the crowd as some special incarnated being. Had he crossed a line? In a major development on the status of Tibet and US-China relations, the US House of Representatives passed the Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act, a bipartisan bill that promotes access to Tibetan areas by denying Chinese government officials access to the United States if they are responsible for creating or administering restrictions on United States officials, journalists and other citizens seeking to travel to Tibet. He gave his name in Chinese as Zhada. They did not introduce themselves, and they did not respond to questions. Dilletantism is very much frowned upon, and is considered an unhealthy practice. Purelands house is a little more shabby. The officials led us into a meeting room, where locals — most of them elderly — sat in a circle to receive us.

Tibetan chat room

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The question was extraordinarily charged. Lunch is the main meal of the day and is yummy.

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