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An Argentine freighter finally picked them up and took them to Thailand. Before being used as live bait, one mother possum watched on helplessly as her baby was killed in front of her. Coastguarder — A maritime patrol version. The lucky ones would succeed in being rescued by freighters [19] or reach shore 1—2 weeks after departure. The cut-off date for refugees was March 14,

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Hong Kong adopted the "port of first asylum policy" in July and received over , Vietnamese at the peak of migration in the late s. Many poorer Vietnamese left their country secretly without documentation and in flimsy boats, and these were the most vulnerable to pirates and storms while at sea. If they were deemed to be eligible to be resettled in the United States according to criteria that the US government had established , they would be allowed to immigrate. The aircraft crashed at Loma Alta, Argentina and killed all 37 on board. This program sparked a wave of rich Vietnamese parents buying the immigration rights from the real mothers or foster parents. By the late s, Western Europe, the United States and Australia received fewer Vietnamese refugees[ citation needed ]. The damning Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Qld investigations have revealed that this sadistic training method is all too common. In October, another ship, the Hai Hong, attempted to land 2, refugees in Malaysia. After some minutes in the air, it ran out of fuel and crashed, killing the impromptu pilot and three people on the ground. In this program, refugees were asked to go back to Vietnam and wait for assessment. By the end of , resulting from the Sino-Vietnamese War , , Hoa had sought refuge in China and many tens of thousands more were among the boat people scattered all over Southeast Asia and in Hong Kong. There were no injuries in either accident, but both aircraft sustained serious damage. Despite the dangers and the resistance of the receiving countries, the number of boat people continued to grow, reaching a high of 54, arrivals in the month of June with a total of , in refugee camps in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. The destination this time was primarily Hong Kong and Thailand. The Malaysian government towed any arriving boatloads of refugees to the island. Hong Kong was open about its willingness to take the remnants at its camp, but only some refugees took up the offer. In , the remaining refugees in the Philippines around were granted asylum in Canada, Norway and the United States, marking an end to the history of the boat people from Vietnam. Their futile squeals could be heard as their bodies were torn apart. For complete statistics see Indochina refugee crisis. Many refugee camps were shut down. The aircraft struck trees with its right wing, lost control and crashed into the side of the mountain. More than , Indochinese, the great majority Boat People, were temporarily resident at Galang while it served as a refugee camp from until The aircraft came to a halt just beyond the runway edge. They were to be allowed to immigrate to the U. Most remaining asylum seekers were voluntarily or forcibly repatriated to Vietnam, although a small number about 2, were granted the right of abode by the Hong Kong Government in

Thailand bankstown

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They were branded, rightly or wrongly, as economic refugees.

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