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What side effects could I have from my medicine? This mild steroid cream is suitable for many types of rash. Probably cause is my arthritis and stress causing much inflammation which can be now known as a big cause of type 2 diabetes in those who are not at all overweight. Uncomfortable shallow tear in skin; how to prevent? I would be cautious about using any creams that are fragrant or for fungus or bacteria.

Tear in buttocks crack

German chamomile tea can be ingested or applied as a compress to treat dermatitis. Do I need to use a cream or ointment? I found this previous question that seems similar, but most of the answers say to see a doctor ASAP. Intertrigo treatment For mild cases, your doctor will tell you to keep the affected area of your skin dry and exposed to air. What side effects could I have from my medicine? No special tests are needed. When I saw a doctor for an unrelated issue, I asked about the tear and the doctor confirmed that it wasn't fungal or infected and there didn't seem to be any underlying problem. These can help fights bacterial infections. If the problem occurs in the heat of summer and the COLD water isn't enough, I will get a single ice cube and hold it over the split skin area either sitting on the toilet or lying on my side in bed. You're probably helping others just by asking it. This may be prescribed for intertrigo, folliculitis, and incontinence Antifungal cream can help with fungal infection. Might seem a little weird, but once you have it healed, you should only need to do it ever so often to keep it that way. Get your body's PH out of the acidic range and into the alkaline range. I did try using diaper cream as a barrier dry off then apply , and it helped the tear heal, but once it had fully healed just drying off has been sufficient. Might be worth a try. For other conditions, you may need a prescription from a doctor. After reading the comments here, I started being extra careful to thoroughly dry the area after showering, and the tear went away and hasn't recurred in years. Both body wash and Dove keep me more moisturized all over that the other crap I used to use Ivory, other cheap soaps. I'd use it if things feel a bit raw and then for a few days after and not, like, everyday. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends seeing your doctor about a rash when: This treatment works for folliculitis and lichen sclerosus. I never wear thong underwear. Typically, rashes clear up on their own after a few days or weeks, but sometimes they require medical treatment. This makes it a "skin" problem rather than a "butt" problem, which can be treated like other skin problems. They work for most rashes, including lichen sclerosus, contact dermatitis, heat rash, intertrigo, and psoriasis. Otherwise, yeah, ask a doc.

Tear in buttocks crack

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Got BUTT HAIR? Grooming Options (Cheeks and Crack)

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Your doctor may also want to prescribe a topical steroid cream. After reading the comments here, I started being extra careful to thoroughly dry the area after showering, and the tear went away and hasn't recurred in years.

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