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The skit does not take place in the American Civil War. In "You've Got Hate Mail" after accidentally being sent an angry email by Daffy, Sam decides to change his ways and proceeds to shave, sell his cowboy clothes, and become a normal suburbanite. Bugs teasingly tells him that it is too early for Halloween and then kicks him out of the castle. After being defeated by Bugs Bunny, he concedes "I'm a Hessian with no aggression. After a long battle, eventually the island is reclaimed by the seas and Yosemite Sam ends up being chased by Dopey Dick. In the movie Looney Tunes: I'll handle that Prince Varmint myself!

Simity sam

Bugs however boards and hijacks the train to save it; Yosemite Sam as a running gag, orders Bugs to get off by the time he counts to a specific number but just when he reaches his final number he always runs into something like a tunnel wall, telephone pole and falls off a bridge. Sam is significantly tougher and more aggressive than Elmer Fudd when challenging Bugs Bunny. Sam was the star of his own comic book series from to , for a total of 81 issues. Even though he would shoot some animals with rage, his temper calmed and he revived the animals with puppies. Try as he might to keep the big cats quiet, they always tear his golden armor to shreds or ruffle the fuzz on his helm. Yosemite Sam detects Bugs Bunny and has his armies of robots to attack Bugs' hideout. Yosemite Sam takes up the contest, and he decides to climb up the mountain which is based on Pike's Peak. Stage Door Cartoon , however, features a southern sheriff character that looks and sounds similar to Sam, except for a more defined Southern stereotype to his voice. Eventually, the King loses his patience and has guards arrest Sam and installs Bugs as his new chef. Yosemite Sam is then forced to make a deal with Bugs where Bugs will not let Dopey Dick eat Sam and take Yosemite in his boat the cooking pot back to civilization When asked if it was a convention of the legion , Sam replies he is looking for victims to feed the lions He is last seen in the Acme building trying to cover his failure on DJ, Dusty Tails, and Daffy, though his boss could not even understand what he was saying. Sam's own cockiness gets the best of him; hence portraying him as a bumbling idiot and Bugs can see he is incapable of turning down a challenge. However, some countries seem to prefer his pirate incarnation, as "Sam the Pirate" is his official name in France [2] and a frequent alternative name in Italy. Yosemite Sam as an Arab in desert robes: In the episode "Daffy Duck, Esq. Sam attempts to break back in, but each attempt backfires. Angered by the insult, Yosemite Sam challenges Bugs Bunny to a fight to the death. Spacely on The Jetsons. One day, he decided to simply yell at the top of his voice, which was inspired by a fit of road rage he had that day. When Yosemite Sam presents the dummy to his leader, the bombs explode. Bugs teasingly tells him that it is too early for Halloween and then kicks him out of the castle. And when he does present Bugs to Nero, the lions surge directly toward them, leaving Bugs unscathed. In Wild and Woolly Hare , Sam and Bugs play "Chicken" in two locomotives going toward one another-Sam does not crash into Bugs but still ends up losing. This may be inaccurate as Looney Tunes doesn't have any continuity.

Simity sam

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This makes Sam one of the few voices created by Blanc to be voiced by someone else during his lifetime. Yosemite Sam is a character more violent than Bugs' most famous antagonist Elmer Fudd given that Sam has a tougher accent, a higher, fiercer voice, and a more violent spirit, although he is also portrayed as a bumbling fool in most of his appearances.

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