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They will have a hard time judging you, and if you are clever, absurd, or different -- they may find you altogether charming and as though you are seducing them. Aquarius will be in your presence. She is attracted to a man who laughs easily at himself and make others laugh, as well. Messages throughout the day, references to previously said material Emotionally May have trouble exactly expressing their feelings as they live in their headspace, but can be pushed out Warm, friendly, gentle. Libra - She draws everyone around her naturally but when she meets the love of her life, she has eyes only for her man. They'll flash their beautiful smile your way. Act in the moment — the Gemini girl is not the waiting type. A Scorpio is noticeable once you know the signs.

Signs that a gemini woman likes you

Sagittarius will call you on the phone and talk to you for hours for no reason, then they'll fly all the way from the other side of the planet just to see you. Some promise love of a lifetime and some others are easygoing and fun to be with. They will want you to touch their beard, paint their fingernails, or they'll make gestures with their lips or eyes. It'll seem like a system malfunction and a complete lack of body language or affection. They'll want you to make them laugh. Leo will be warm, intentional, personal. They don't necessarily have to be right in your space, but they won't mind that either. In private and in someplace secluded, you will see a different side to her personality. They'll have coffee or tea ready by the time you wake up. When Aquarius likes someone, it happens mostly for them in their imagination, and so they question and wrestle with that reality for months, sometimes years. They'll be a mixture of quiet and also completely random. Romance her off her feet — the Gemini woman is a total romantic. They'll dance for you or laugh for you. She will appear cheerful and smile a lot more in your presence. Gemini and Aquarius have a lot going for them, and honestly are an ideal match for both. Pisces will give you disapproving looks to mess with your mind. They always are full to the brim with emotions. It's fun for them to sit right in someone's space or on top of them. Leo is a leader. Go all out when you are romancing her. Gemini expects to find space and also connection and conversation. If they like you, they'll keep coming back, and feel comfortable being their weird, wonderful, and compelling self. There are certain traits that one can look for in a partner when considering marriage. Cancer will give you reassurance. They'll want to know you from head to toe. They'll show off their good looks.

Signs that a gemini woman likes you

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How to tell if a Gemini likes you

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To a Gemini woman it is very important that the man she likes is successful in whichever field he works. They like to hold in their goofiness and try to be as serious as possible.

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