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Do I have to follow the PiYo nutrition plan to lose weight? PiYo combines strength muscle-building , cardio and flexibility all in one workout. My stubbornness was the key! You had the desire to lose weight, you sought out a solution, and began to follow a plan. Here are some of my favorites: They lure us in with the promise of an amazing body if only we follow the program. The promise of weight loss, fueled by fantastic success stories like the ones above, are seductive.

Shaleen johnson

Do I have to follow the PiYo nutrition plan to lose weight? No guessing what workout you should be doing when. Start by cutting your normal portion in half. For nutrition geeks, see this Mayo clinic article: They lure us in with the promise of an amazing body if only we follow the program. Will I lose weight doing PiYo? Beachbody offers a free t-shirt to everyone who completes a program. Some people are diet free spirits like me! YOU need to make smart food choices. How does this work? One day I decided I absolutely would not give up. Click To Tweet I think we all have the desire to better ourselves, whether to rock a pair of skinny jeans or just to be an example of good health for our children. How else will PiYo benefit me? Beachbody What if my motivation crashes and burns? My inner rebellious teenager always does her best to sabotage my diet plans, bless her heart. PiYo gives you a nutrition plan to follow. Remember, your weight loss ultimately comes from running a small calorie deficit, not by eating magical foods. PiYo gives you a 60 day workout plan to follow. Everyone loves a winner. Refusing to give up while being very imperfect in the process helped me go from an obese, couch potato mom to a marathon runner. PiYo is a great program but it is not a miracle. The other two thirds are doing the workouts and tackling your eating. Read more about my story here or listen to me talk about my weight loss struggles on the Tips of the Scale podcast. YOU need to change into a cute yoga outfit or not! The more intense the exercise, the more calories you burn, and PiYo is intense without impact. To lose fat you need to eat fewer calories than your body burns.

Shaleen johnson

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