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She carries herself well and packages her body as she would a loving gift; it all adds up to stunning beauty. Just kissing her can bring some men to orgasm. Not one to fall in love at the drop of a hat, you take your time in starting a relationship, savouring the courtship and the anticipation even before you actually get together. Although slow to burn, they can last whole night. With a canopy of stars over her head, she can be pleased under a grape arbor, in a grassy meadow, or on a bed of leaves. She makes an art of lovemaking. She may not be as sexually experimental as the other signs, but her fidelity and strong sense of ethics will impress you. Certain enough to take a risk, at least, which from safety and security loving Taurus is a compliment indeed. A warm meal can be a foreplay.

Sensual taurus woman

There might be fresh flowers in her bedroom, or she might have a glass wall overlooking a lush garden. Fire signs in a relationship with a Taurus can find the affair a bit like wading through treacle — sticky, slow and not necessarily all that sweet tasting. You love the finer things in life, so this will be a relationship founded in luxury and comfort. She makes an art of lovemaking. Her mind also reaches out, and her hopes and fantasies become bound to the beloved. Her bed will be the pinnacle of comfort, with piles of pillows and a fluffy comforter. We can talk about it. Her touch, both gentle and tender, excites and caresses. Her fantasy stimulation begins immediately, and it is then difficult for her to get her mind on anything else. Although she is often very sensual and passionate in the bedroom, in everyday life she likes to take her time and do things her own way. She is one of the most effective users of body language you will encounter. Always keep in mind that she is ruled by Venus, the planet of decorative arts. Corporate offers us the absolute BEST training imaginable! If, for some reason, she cannot bear children herself, she will not hesitate to adopt. She strives to maintain a -certain decorum for the public but is very aware of her sexual drive and feels no shame over it. Stubbornness and self-indulgence can also prove challenging for anyone in love with a Taurus. Often it is tied to her emotions, and it is hard indeed for her to have sex and not fall in love. Your sign is legendary for its cut-off-the-nose-to-spite-the-face intransigence, which can be a nightmare for an action loving, decisive or cardinal sign. I never said your courtship was going to be easy, did I? Assure her of your reliability and your stability - traits she values in a person. The Taurus Woman is a creature of enormous sensuality. Her bedchamber will be plush, executed in laid-back good taste, full of beautiful appointments, and subtly understated. For you, Taurus, compatibility is all about finding someone you can trust as much as you will trust them. A warm meal can be a foreplay. Silky bedsheets, lacy lingerie or anything that satisfies their sense of touch will turn them on.

Sensual taurus woman

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Sex with Taurus

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While too much good food makes them fat, they can eat, eat, and eat until the cows come home and overindulge. Delay popping the question until you can show her your substantial stash of Treasury bills, a solid investment in mutual funds, an impressive stock portfolio and, of course, cash in the bank.

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