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Thus the Choleric will have to conquer his obstinacy, his anger, and his pride; the Melancholic, his lack of courage and his dread of suffering; the Sanguine, his talkativeness and his inconsistency; the Phlegmatic, his laziness and his lack of energy. He is an emotional person — from being moved to tears to being critical and hard on others. They are not resentful. The Sanguine is kind and always wants to make things alright. So I believe I am now in the category of Melancholic Choleric.

Sanguine choleric melancholic phlegmatic strengths and weaknesses

Thus, all of us as human beings have been hard-wired by our Creator we are not just products of random chance — Ps The Sanguine likes to talk a lot… struggles with completing tasks… is chronically late… and tends to forget his obligations… he bases his decisions primarily on feelings. If they are absorbed in something, do not even bother trying to get their attention. If sanguine are not interested in what they do, they will stop doing it. This type is able to control emotions and feelings. Yellow bile choli makes people short-tempered and irritable — choleric. Below are two examples of how these principles work out in practice in two different temperament combinations: No individual only possesses one personality type, and most of us have a very strong secondary temperament. He is organized and a good planner. Eventual impressions fade away very soon. Mixed temperaments in various combinations are more common. A sanguine speaks loudly, hastily but distinctively, their speech is accompanied by different gestures and facial expressions. Choleric temperament is characterized by sharp, jerky movements, restlessness, instability, irritability. Click each temperament to explore its characteristics and potential strengths and weaknesses in more detail - Melancholic - Phlegmatic - Choleric - Sanguine. Phlegmatics are generally calm and unemotional, self-content and kind, but their shy personality can inhibit enthusiasm in others and make themselves lazy and resistant to change. Closing note to this section: The Sanguine is kind and always wants to make things alright. He often gets more accomplished than other temperaments because he always thinks in terms of enlisting others to help him. The reason for this is, I tend to think that these will not misled people, which is very important, because it is completely unbelievable, but it brings people to the matter, which is important, because it makes people to think about it. They are extremely loyal in friendships; there is an old saying that goes like this: In a familiar and peaceful atmosphere people with this temperament type feel comfortable and work very productively. They set high standards, are diligent and hard-working, are rarely satisfied, and never give up their attempts to succeed. The feelings of affection, hostility, joy and sorrow occur quickly but they are not strong. On the negative side, they are often selfish, self-righteous, judge others easily, resist change, stay uninvolved, dampen enthusiasm, and can be passive-aggressive. Phlegmatic people are persistent in achieving their goals.

Sanguine choleric melancholic phlegmatic strengths and weaknesses

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They may become uncooperative because of stubborn, rigid tendencies.

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