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They print it under their names. So they had access to their personnel files and also their security files and were illegally accessing this kind of information to give to foreign agents who exploited the vulnerabilities of these people to recruit them as sources of information? ISI—Pakistani intelligence—has been linked to the Pakistani nuclear proliferation program as well as to al-Qaeda and the Taliban. In , they wiretapped the congressmen directly. The questionably legal wiretap gave the perfect excuse to the Justice Department. So they were setting up these people for recruitment as agents or as agents of influence? She was fired from the FBI in April after she raised concerns that one of the translators in her section was a member of a Turkish organization that was under investigation for bribing senior government officials and members of Congress, drug trafficking, illegal weapons sales, money laundering, and nuclear proliferation.

Revelations edmonds

Grossman had just become undersecretary, third in the State hierarchy behind Armitage. The gagged whistleblower goes on the record. Turkish diplomats who would never be searched were coming with suitcases of heroin. He had worked as a draughtsman for Ontario Hydro for 35 years, and played the lottery since it began. So they were doing favors for other reasons. We know Grossman was receiving money for services. The Bangas, who have two children, ages 9 and 15, said they were looking specifically for a family-friendly business to purchase. As soon as Obama became president, he showed us that the State Secrets Privilege was going to continue to be a tool of choice. Prior to that point they were getting all their information secondhand through FISA, as their primary targets were foreigners. Meanwhile Scowcroft, who was also the chairman of the American Turkish Council, Baker, Richard Armitage, and Grossman began negotiating separately for a possible Turkish protectorate. During my work with the FBI, one of the major operational files that I was transcribing and translating started in late and continued until , when I left the Bureau. Both Feith and Perle were lobbyists for Turkey and also were involved with Israel on defense contracts, including some for Northrop Grumman, which Feith represented in Israel. These agents were able to obtain information that was either used directly by those foreign governments or sold to third parties, with the proceeds often used as bribes to breed further corruption. So a Turkish agent struck up a relationship with her. Edmonds brought a court application in the Fall of for an order releasing him from the non-disclosure agreement. In , they wiretapped the congressmen directly. Did Feith and Perle receive any money that you know of? Was this the primary means of influencing congressmen, or did foreign agents exploit vulnerabilities to get what they wanted using something like blackmail? After contacting Edmonds later to determine his playing patterns, LaPlante was able to successfully cash his winning ticket. So they had access to their personnel files and also their security files and were illegally accessing this kind of information to give to foreign agents who exploited the vulnerabilities of these people to recruit them as sources of information? Turkish agents started gathering information on her, and they found out that she was bisexual. Special prosecutors were appointed, and the case was headlined in England, Germany, Italy, and in some of the Balkan countries because the criminal groups were found to be active in all those places. So these conversations, between and , had to do with a Central Asia operation that involved bin Laden. A Lantos associate, Alan Makovsky worked very closely with Dr. They already had Hastert, the mayor, and several other Illinois state senators involved.

Revelations edmonds

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CIA Playbook: What's About to Go Down in Iran!

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Ewing and Duvall are hosting an event the night before — on Tuesday, March 15 — to introduce the Bangas to Edmonds.

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