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For more information on how to get your own unique hoop, please contact us at: When she returned, Teeba wasted no time, and dived head first into the Toronto hooping community. Let us show you how dynamic, playful and wildly addictive this magic circle can be. Poi improves flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination. These movements work the core and improve overall body strength, balance and flexibility. Drop in to a flowjam session to choose your own hoop.

Poi hoops

And of course, getting to that state of flow. She felt relief from her scoliosis, lost stubborn weight and decided that hooping had become the second love of her life after meeting the first — her husband, Basel, who shares her passion for flow through poi. It allows for openness of truth, purity of voice and, frees us from self-judgment, often a bigger barrier than the judgment of others. This movement connects the body, the mind, and the spirit to channel flow, break internal boundaries, and improve creative self-expression. Teeba first fell in love with flow arts at Burning Man, in , when her eyes feasted on the song and dance of a beautiful creature effortlessly moving to the flow of a hoop. Outside, well, just look at her. For more information on how to get your own unique hoop, please contact us at: Through hooping, she found joy, freedom, laughter, play, and during one of the most challenging phases of her life, she found healing. Not only that, hooping can induce a meditative and sometimes, truly transformational experience. So find a playground close to you and drop in. On a mission to spread love and encouragement through the lessons she had to learn, falling into hooping became a life move. A conscious decision to seize the day and follow her heart. Prices range from AED to a hoop and we can even custom create a hoop especially for you! With its roots in ancient Maori culture, the art form can be found in the circus and has evolved over the years to include fire poi, tail poi, and LED poi. Hoop flow or hoop dance is a form of flow art that includes waist, leg and chest even nose! Thank you Flowground for opening my eyes and welcoming me into your hooping family. Yep, from Harvard to hooping, Teeba took her most important lesson from business school — finding your purpose in life — and realized it fully. We sell pois as well! Explore just how captivating the world of poi is by joining one of our classes! She is a certified Hoop Love Coach, who comes from an interior design project manager background, meticulous in her approach to making things beautiful. These movements work the core and improve overall body strength, balance and flexibility. Hoops and poi are available to use or purchase. We provide both collapsible and non-collapsible hoops that are built to last your journeys and quests around the world! Want a customized hoop? We got you covered. Inside, she is a hooping powerhouse — always experimenting and improving her moves; finding her zen or teaching and mentoring kids.

Poi hoops

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Join one of our our classes , and see for yourself! We sell pois as well!

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