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It could be gadgets, books, courses, services or something else entirely. If you can find two or three sponsors who are super-relevant and who get consistent results with your listeners, then it can lead to a hugely beneficial relationship for both parties. He does his own research to see that the numbers are within reason. Another place to find likely sponsors is in the ad spots you see every day. Blubrry and Libsyn offer their sponsorship services for smaller audiences, though. Those three elements - fanatical users, a spending audience, and trust in you - combine to create a dream audience for anyone who sells mountain biking kit. They might be on the decline or are they…?

Podcast sponsorship

Less chasing, less negotiating, and more creating great content, attracting an even bigger audience. But if you account for that in the numbers and stay realistic, then it can work well. Is My Niche Worth More? For example, Mark Maron creating hilarious skits out of his sponsor slots, Gimlet Media crafting highly produced, entertaining content out of sponsor interviews, or every good podcaster everywhere who simply tells a story about the time they recently used the product and how it helped them. Who enjoys the sight of a banner ad sticking out like a sore thumb, after all? You can search out really relevant ads, only including products that you know your audience will love. Perhaps 50 to sales from just a couple of mentions, and more after long term sponsorship. Most big magazine sites include banner ads at some point and, again, these might showcase some inspiring products. Be honest and up front about it. Gavin sponsored our podcast rap and he loved it so much, he sent us champagne afterwards to celebrate. Some podcasters make an art of the advert. To be fair, some of this you can do with your hosting, or with an agency. Gavin told us that customer referrals count for a lot when it comes to seeking partnerships and podcasts to sponsor. You can tell stories, give examples and generally enthuse about how much you love it. BluBrry have been brokering sponsorships for years, notifying their show catalog whenever a deal comes up. Sponsors love it if you use their product or service yourself or if you are willing to try it , and it paves the way for a great partnership. But, do you know what, people who like mountain biking, really really like mountain biking. You might not have a lot of downloads, but sponsors can look at your podcast reviews and social media accounts to see how your audience feels about you. Artistic Integrity Integrity matters when it comes to choosing a sponsorship. Whatever subject you talk about, think about your favourite things related to it. Be honest about your audience and what you can offer. Three Approaches to Podcast Sponsorship 1. But, it does get more efficient, the more you do, so it can be well worth it. Another place to find likely sponsors is in the ad spots you see every day. That honesty and passion translates to the audience, making your ad spots more entertaining, more useful, and far less grating on the listener. One of the biggest names in this area is Midroll , who hold some of the biggest shows on the web in their books.

Podcast sponsorship

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#AskGaryVee Episode 91: Pricing Sponsorship, Selling Merchandise, & Tim Ferriss Asks a Question

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