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Both Virgo and Pisces adore each other's mutually divergent traits. What makes you special is your fluid dreamy nature and your ease with emotional expression. They will do their best to help their partner reach the point of inner security in which they understand their worth. Pisces woman needs to feel like her knight is there to protect her at all times, not just when passions arise. Understanding between them could reach points of perfection and this is something that both of them will probably be unable to find with anyone else. Cons of the Virgo Pisces relationship: Magic and love while Virgo can bring a welcome tinge of realism to the delusional aspects of Pisces.

Pisces woman virgo male

She needs to feel like a woman at all times, and for this reason she's probably the most flirtatious female in the zodiac. If Pisces woman wants to be with her Virgo man for the long haul, she must learn to control this flirty behavior and not do it when her Virgo man is around. What makes you special is your fluid dreamy nature and your ease with emotional expression. The Pisces woman is the most sensitive of all women, and she wears her heart on her sleeve, ready to be wounded by any passing hurt. Click here to continue On the other hand, the Virgo man should understand the emotional nature of his Pisces partner. They are after all ruled by Mercury, and have this need to see and feel everything that this Earth has to offer. If this love language touches her heart, Pisces will give back with selfless abandon. Pisces Woman Watery Pisces are ruled by Neptune, planet of dreams, poets, magic and deception. Both the signs should be ready to understand and undertake the opinion of their partner and that is when their relationship will turn into a magical love story. They need to find a fine balance of rationality and emotions, each one individually and together through their relationship. Similarly, their constant criticizing and fault-finding nature can be a hindrance in any relationship. If they want to make their connection last, they will find ways to compromise. Emotional connections are equally as important to Pisces, and she will reciprocate with unbridled intensity. Once they get into the magical world of Pisces, they could discover the beauty of life they were fully unaware of. Pisces individuals are dreamy and extremely imaginative; while Virgos are highly practical. The mutable quality of their signs will allow them to jump from topic to topic, both of them staying interested in the flow and the outcome of their conversations. They might do so through nagging and constant criticism, but in the end, Pisces will have many things to be thankful for. Astrology Advice When opposite signs attract, compromise and communication are often keys to staying together. Although you are both very different, you find yourselves bound together by invisible strings that can keep you happily bound for life. In return, Virgo will help Pisces reach the actual materialization of their incredible talents. If they manage to communicate with each other and withhold their honesty while doing so, their romance will be enthralling, elevating and exceptional. Let us find answers to these questions. While the physical attraction will be strong and the romance factor may even be fantastic at times, it's the core relationship structure that will need reinforcement if these two are going to have a successful relationship. Fortunately, they are both aware that some secrecy might even spark their relationship and give it more passion. Ultimately Virgo man Pisces woman compatibility can be a very sweet, tender and romantic love, and with luck both of these partners can see their way ahead, side by side, for many years to come.

Pisces woman virgo male

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Also, she must learn to compromise -- Virgo man is already giving her more warmth and affection than he's ever given another woman, and Pisces woman should take that for what it is -- an enormous validation of how strongly he feels for her already. He will enjoy taking care of her and showering her with warmth and affection in the boudoir, and this will make Pisces woman feel very content.

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