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What kind of loser? On either side of him, hung a criminal. I hope I get to enjoy them. Dice them both into small squares, about 1. Who would walk to their certain death, giving it all away? For the record, I am largely speaking directly to myself. A loser I guess. Yeah — I am a loser. Finely slice the spring onion, reserving some of the green for garnish.


He was the ultimate loser. From February last year to February last month it was basically nonstop turbulent difficult times, and even though I'm very much in this quagmire of "what the heck am I doing with my writing and am I making my own opportunities and why won't endless flailing about wanting to write another cookbook afford me the ability to do just that" I am also feeling rather cloyingly serene and delightful about many things in life right, so watch out. The pilgrim path of Jesus invites us ever forward, ultimately from life into death. My new room is so dreamy though, and will only get dreamier as I firmly take myself by the hand and make myself continue to tidy it up and unpack fully. I've made two batches of this Nigella coffee ice cream but I keep eating it all before I can take photos of it. Just something smallish and squareish. The chorus or whatever it is, this song just kind of drifts is so uplifting and pretty and dreamy and full of "Oh-ohhh" bits and it's just a lovely, lovely thing to listen to. Christ washed the feet of the disciples, something they originally protested. So here we go, step by step, forward on the road to Calvary. Power was available to him, the worldly kind of power that puts one in charge with a very strong sense of authority. A loser I guess. But really, it's now March , holy wow. The other thing to note about tofu is that it's aggressively filling. The power given to us in Christ is the power of servant leadership. Love a bit of tremolo, I do. In a bowl, whisk together the vinegar, soy, olive oil, miso, and most of the sesame seeds until it comes together as a smooth dressing. Tip in the tofu, cucumber, and spring onion, stir to cover, then transfer to whatever bowl you're going to be eating it from if it's a different bowl, that is and garnish with the remaining sesame seeds and green spring onion slices. Jesus could have smashed everyone and everything in his path to make his point as he lived his public ministry. It was truly a scandal. Creepy — he bends down to wash his followers feet? You may not see it, but what can I tell you? A certain less savory one tried to tempt him with this; it did not work. It will suck, be assured of that, but it is the only way, and what follows? His focus was on the wounded and the weak, the poor and the powerless, any who were rejected. I've loved this song for years and years but have been listening to it over and over lately, it flickers like a candle and swoons and sways and the lyrics are so, so excellent.


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Ricky Martin - Come With Me (Official)

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Below you will find one of my favorite songs, expressed in video with lyrics.

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