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He finds the love in what he does. Way of the Peaceful Warrior was followed by three sequels: It is all straightforward. Just ignore what happened to me? I support my family through book royalties and speaking fees.

Peaceful warrior socrates

Dan meets Socrates again, now over hundred years old. Dan demands Socrates to teach him. Each book is another piece of the puzzle, another facet of the way. I have a metal rod in my leg. You can choose to be a victim or anything else you'd like to be. Money is neither my god nor my devil, but only a form of energy and natural part of life. I support my family through book royalties and speaking fees. It used to be family duties, but now that our daughters are grown, Joy and I have settled into new daily and weekly routines and rhythms. A few weeks later, Dan suffers an accident, where his right leg is badly fractured. And I had my Socrates. Did you draw upon his earlier work? Do you have a religious affiliation? They were Jewish, but I was not raised in any religious school or tradition. My purpose is to remind you of that you already know but might have forgotten. What can you say about these children? I call myself a Peaceful Warrior Are you personally enlightened? Socrates and Dan return home. Your work avoids complex models in favor of an accessible, down-to-earth approach. However, a book or teacher with whom I resonate may not be a good fit for someone else. Those who prefer abstract concepts and intellectual philosophies can find them elsewhere. As with any life path, the key is to guide children to work out their particular issues and energies in the positive. He had his style; I have mine. A warrior does not give up what he loves, Dan. Is Socrates real or fictional?

Peaceful warrior socrates

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After years of giving out bits and pieces of advice, I finally collaborated with my daughter, author Sierra Prasada, to write The Creative Compass:

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