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The best scene is where Octaman-already in his shitty rubber suit-tosses an obvious mannequin off a cliff. I knew instantly and sadly what it was when it popped up on the screen when I saw that film in in theaters. Yes, this is a wise man who thinks a toy octopus in a bucket great scientific work here, walking around with a bucket would draw people to…a circus? Probably not a coincidence that Angeli died of an overdose shortly thereafter. Should you see Octaman? You want to talk about a monster movie where the monster is truly the star?

Octaman trailer

When Octaman is on the screen doing his thing all is right with the b-movie world. He sees the world via eight eyes like a spider. Should you see Octaman? He co-created the costume and actually got notice for it, because for and having no money he did create an interesting costume. I gotta give it to director Harry Essex and crew-Octaman is ass-pimple bad. After Octaman, Pier Angeli died of a drug overdose at age Later on much later it feels with Ms. Octaman sets new low standards. They will then set a circle of fire around him to drain him of oxygen? It really looks more like an early Pink Floyd clip from with acid on the menu. At least half the film has a shitty dark lens where you can see nothing probably a good thing. Something just tells this is not a title that will ever get a high-def remastered Blu-ray. Eventually, it is deemed our hunters remaining will not shoot Octaman, they will scare him with flashlights. Tragically, she would die of a suspected suicide shortly after completing Octaman. She once dated James Dean. Well, never mind-you will perish anyway silly humans! I would be remiss if I failed to mention one other quirk about the monster we know and love as Octaman. This film has the visual quality of a Boy George nude poetry slam. One of the best deaths occurs when everyone is in a trailer. It would not be their finest work. This is the second killer octopus movie I have reviewed. All of the discs extra are tailored to The Cremators, not Octaman. After some truly unlistenable dialogue we get to the point where 7 people are hunting Octaman down including our stars. The other was Tentacles which looks like The Godfather compared to this crapfest. Does this look just a bit awkward to you? Did Octaman die of a broken heart or just his bad rubber suit? You want to talk about a monster movie where the monster is truly the star?

Octaman trailer

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Octaman (1971)

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I know a lot of people criticize the suit but I would completely disagree, even going so far as to call it one of the greatest rubber monster suits in the history of cinema and one I suspect would be far more famous outside of cult movie circles if the movie was better. Something just tells this is not a title that will ever get a high-def remastered Blu-ray.

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