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So now you decide, one weekend or two. Visitors will find a wide range of sand and water activities, along with a revamped boardwalk that features original shops, unique restaurants with scenic views, and the iconic Paramount Theater Convention Hall. It is 10, acres of wilderness and wild creatures all in a private sanctuary. A great way to start your experience will be to travel It is located along the southern tip of New Jersey and offers romance and relaxation. Location 17 Big Bear Lake, California Last of the Mohicans, several episodes of Bonanza and Old Yeller were just a few of the films that producers decided to film between and in the majestic mountains called Big Bear Lake. The list of outdoor activities in this recreational area is nearly endless, from rock climbing to horseback riding or taking a scenic drive.

New jersey romantic getaways

It offers spectacular views of the Teton Mountain Range which includes the world famous 13, foot Grand Teton. From the North Rim to the South Rim and the MILE spread between them, not to mention the miles of length and the mile drop to the Colorado River, this masterpiece will keep you amazed. You will stay in one of the resorts sexy suites and enjoy the finest of dining. Cape May Historic Cape May is a sleepy little beach town that offers a wide range of activities throughout the year and is one of the best places to go in NJ. You will be spending your nights in a charming little Bed and Breakfast and your days soaring through the air enjoying views in a way never experienced. Winter brings skiers from across the country who all have the same expectation: Your adventure will continue as you drop into a beautiful red rock canyon and find yourself in the middle of a mesa. Boonton Boonton is famous for being a significant link along the Underground Railroad that helped 40, slaves escape to their freedom in Canada. And finally, the Martin Luther King Jr. This weekend adventure just might have you coming back for more. This island consists of thick forests full of color and palm trees that billow in the breeze. A unique weekend adventure like this should be enjoyed by anyone who loves the great outdoors. Winter brings extreme skiers and summer brings extreme bikers so this one is a year round adventure. Elizabeth Elizabeth, New Jersey, is the fourth largest city in the state and its roots can be traced back all the way to the founding of the nation. Now, after years of neglect and decline, Asbury is experiencing a well-deserved revival. More New Jersey ideas: Whether strolling down the beach hand in hand or sitting on the balcony watching the sun go down, you will fall in love all over again. Garden of the Gods Park. Naturalists offer seasonal kayak and canoe trips. But the newest attraction to the area was completed in With this growth came a growing number of attractions and activities. Gray whales can be spotted from the highway turnouts from December through April. A great way to start your experience will be to travel The War Memorial is also home to the Patriots Theater, where world-class entertainers often perform. Courtesy of glynspencer - Fotolia. Other park activities include hiking the self-guided trail through Maritime Forest, picnicking, sunbathing, saltwater fishing, bird watching, and wildlife viewing. Others can savor the view from the ground via live video feeds from atop the lighthouse at the Barnegat Lighthouse Interpretive Center, where they will learn the history of the lighthouse and the surrounding natural coastal environment.

New jersey romantic getaways

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This narrow 3,acre park stretches for 10 miles between the Atlantic and Barnegat Bay.

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