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For those with a love for old-fashion names, but want something a little bit fresher, Edita is perfect! This short little moniker is full of charm and charisma. Gianna This popular girl name in Italy is finally making waves here in the US and has quickly become a Top name. Giorgio is sure to be a hit among today's fashionable and contemporary parents! Gia, however, is a simple name that deserves so much credit!

Names for girls italian

Other Italian names that may be appealing include Giada, Genevra and Grazia. This short little moniker is full of charm and charisma. Cosima is an elegant and distinctive name that means, "order and beauty," which may be why the British elite chose it so often. A variation of the more popular Italian choice, Giovanna, we love the way this name looks and sounds. It is a name often used in Ancient Rome that is still a perfect choice for a lady of the here and now. It's effortless, dreamy and lovely to the max. Giorgio is a variant of George, and is also seen spelled Georgio in Italy. Similar to Keira and Kaia, we love the ethereal quality this name possesses. It's perfect for those searching for something unique, bold and sophisticated. Deangelo is said to have been left pure and innocent for the world by angels. Gia, however, is a simple name that deserves so much credit! Vanna has only been given to people in the last years! Vanna is another rare Italian name, only coming in at a surprising on baby name charts. Those who can't get enough of the name Mia, but still aren't certain, may also want to consider the flawless Italian names Milana, Mimi, Mirella or Monalisa. Content provided on this site is for entertainment or informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical or health, safety, legal or financial advice. Other Italian names those who love the name Severine may also enjoy include Sienna, Serafina and Severia. It has had several notable bearers that have all achieved great accomplishments in their lifetime. It is currently ranked 12,th in the United States, but is up 2, places since And thanks to hipster actress Sienna Miller, this moniker is really coming into its own. Nico is known in Italy as the short form of Niccolo, but in English speaking countries is the variation of Nicholas and Nick. Here are 14 that may just have you waving ciao to the rest of your baby name list. It is currently the 4,th most popular choice for little girls in the United States. Other similar and equally appealing Italian choices include Zeta, Zaira or Zinerva. Poetry is the language of the soul. Clarisse is a classic and ageless Italian name that eminates beauty and femininity.

Names for girls italian

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This could be a less exhausted and overused option ideal for parents looking for an adorable Italian baby name.

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