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Hands down worst day of my massage life. Who knew this would be a part of the job? Luckily our laundry service treats all our linens as biohazards anyway, but yuck. It taught me to be more aware and direct with the client when that starts happening. He said "Ah that's something my patrner and I would be interested in" and asked " At the end, it was covered in the left overs of him.

Massage therapist horror stories

He said "Ah that's something my patrner and I would be interested in" and asked " For a fleeting moment considered a life as the wealthy boy toy of an ageing thespian. It taught me to be more aware and direct with the client when that starts happening. I was desperately trying to figure out what it was had I accidentally mixed oils? The guy even started slightly pulling the sheet off his butt with his hands they were by his sides and saying things like "it's just the two of us in here, what happens here stays here, I wouldn't say anything" Basically all this unnerved my brother a good bit who was all too happy when they guy's time was up. I decided that I would diminish and remain Galadriel in the West. To people who are overweight and feel self-conscious--DON'T. Keep your hands on the table, please. Every time I touched him I could see them wriggle out of his skin under the white sheet. Well, he is left in the room with the typical instructions undress and get under a sheet and when my brother comes in, the guy is sitting on a couch crosslegged naked as the day he was born. I only thought about my boundaries and my safety. From the people men and women who used to ask her for happy endings and sometimes follow her to the train station she had to call the police once or the time someone brought their cat into her spa for a "Mother daughter massage" yes, the cat was the daughter [ I treat a retired politician's wife who always has gas. I find this euphamism so frustrating. I've massaged all types of bodies on all types of people. Over the 10 years I did massage therapy I saw some interesting things and met some characters but I will never forget that blister. Some people want a nice relaxing massage, and some want you to basically beat the shit out of them to the point where it becomes a bit strange Admittedly when Mr Lonelygay said that to me I felt a bit gross but also internally giggled, blushed and said "aww he said I'm pretty". I was doing a couples massage along with my coworker. At the end, it was covered in the left overs of him. They are covered in a greyish, lotion and blackhead stew. After reestablishing my boundaries, I showed in the door. There's warts, smelly feet, skin eruptions and wounds; blackheads, whiteheads, fungal infections; sweat, body hair and erections. I love my job. When I first started at my job, I had a male client grind into the table while he was prone. Go get a massage.

Massage therapist horror stories

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Massage Therapy Horror Stories

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I understand that the idea of being somewhat or completely naked under a sheet isn't the most settling thing, but we're trained to make the experience be as comfortable and to make you feel as secure as possible before, during, and after the massage. By no means is this job easy.

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