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Instead of focusing on Simba and family, the emphasis is on sidekicks Timon and Pumbaa. Every time they get into a point, it's intercut with an element from the movie, which is some times entertaining, other times annoying. Together, they start looking for a new place to call home. Heh, talking clouds, yeah right. Timon is a total oddball among his own kind and they barely tolerate him. I have to look over my shoulder for Horn when using the phone now.


By Andy Patrizio No good idea goes unsequeled in Hollywood. There's some good news to be had with the DVD. It doesn't grab your attention the way the original film did. Both the DD and DTS mixes are heavily weighted toward the front channels with not a whole lot of difference between the two mixes. After the incredible mix for The Lion King: By the second half of the movie, many of the events on screen are the same events as in the first film, but from different angles. Under featurettes we have Before the Beginning: Inside you get a booklet of coupons for other Disney titles say what you will, Disney is the only ones doing this consistently , a Disney credit card application wonder who that's for? Just think, today's pre-teens will look back at full screen VHS movies the way some of you look back at vinyl records and floppy disks. Horizontal and vertical pans are perfect and there were no notable compression problems. Simba's Pride, Rowan Atkinson didn't come back to voice Zazu, but he's in this movie for all of 10 seconds. You answer ten questions related to all three films. Even though it's a DTS mix, it's not remarkably aggressive. Definitely suited for kids, but a superb direct-to-DVD effort. It has good dynamic range, with some LFE action during the wildebeest stampede, and of course plenty of high-frequency sounds. I'm so used to animated video suffering from interlacing problems, but not here. Had Disney not gone with a DTS soundtrack, there's no doubt they could put everything on one disc. There is very little for extras. It lacks the smoothness of the original film, and in some cases it's a bit on the sharp side, with some very minor dot crawl around some edges. Special Edition, anything else would just pale by comparison, and this most certainly does. Even better, there is no full screen version, it's widescreen only. It might be a good distraction after watching the movie a few times, but scavenger hunts aren't my thing. The Video Presented in 1. Disc two breaks down into two areas: A VHS release is coming but it won't have the second disc of extras. Direct-to-video movies are often poor also-rans compared to the theatrical release, and while this DVD still can't compare to The Lion King, it looks much better than direct-to-video efforts we've seen in the past. This feature, which you turn on before watching the movie, warns you when to start looking.


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It's hard to put my finger on what it is, just that this mix, while more than acceptable, especially for home video, is missing something. Shortly after that, Timon and Pumbaa have to run for dear life from a wildebeest stampede, and we all know what happened there.

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