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Islamic codes of behaviour and dress are strictly enforced. Criminal laws[ edit ] Saudi Arabia has no criminal code. In recent months, Crown Prince Abdullah, the kingdom's de facto ruler, has called for greater debate within the society and more freedom of expression in the press. Most headlines have played into the narrative of reform that the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, has been pushing. Despite the Okaz report, Ibrahim bin Abdullah bin Ghaith, head of the religious police, said he would not send enforcers to investigate -- perhaps because of pressure from higher officials.

Jeddah gay community

The government statistics claim that most of the registered cases are foreign males who contracted the disease through "forbidden" sexual relations. Anyone involved in a commercial dispute with a Saudi company or individual may be prevented from leaving the country pending resolution of the dispute. In , Saudi teacher and playwright Muhammad Al-Suhaimi was charged with promoting homosexuality and after a trial was sentenced to prison. From 24 June women were legally able to obtain a licence to drive a car, motorbikes and scooters. He was subsequently convicted and sentenced to a long prison term. Harassment or violence against LGBT people is not addressed in any bias motivated or hate crime law. The proposed "Bill of Rights" document was criticized by Human Rights Watch for allegedly undermining human rights and global efforts to fight the pandemic. Saudi Arabia seemed concerned about the bad publicity that blocking the site would bring, said A. In , a year-old Saudi man was sentenced to five years in prison, lashes of the whip, and a SR50, fine after appearing in an amateur gay video online allegedly taken inside a Jeddah prison. You should carry a photocopy of your passport for identification. You should avoid photographing local people. In , he was given a pardon and allowed to resume teaching. In part, the government has realized that the thousands of Saudis who have recently returned from the United States because of stricter visa policies, and who are relatively liberal-minded, are unwilling to countenance such harsh antigay policies. Article 6 prohibits creating, distributing or accessing online content or webpages that the government deems to be pornographic or in violation of religious values or public morals or is a threat to public health, safety or order. Well, the Saudi PR machine has been very busy indeed. Transgender people travelling to Saudi Arabia are likely to face significant difficulties and risks if this is discovered by the authorities. Government bodies often retain passports for official purposes; sponsors also sometimes retain passports, although this is illegal. For example, a gay Yemeni was executed for homosexuality and murder in Periodically, gay Westerners in the kingdom were fired from Saudi companies. The government does not allow public movie theaters to exist, and permission to hold film festivals is rarely granted, but censored versions of films can be legally purchased in many retail stores. Any foreigner that is discovered to be infected will be deported to the country of origin as soon as they are deemed fit to travel. It started to recognize World AIDS Day , and the Arabic and English daily newspapers were permitted to run articles and opinions that expressed the need for more education about the disease and more compassion for those people infected. He even acknowledged recently, in unusually tempered language, that gay Saudis exist. The law is strictly enforced. Getenio, manager of GayMiddleEast. In January , the Saudi interior ministry reported that three men in the southern city of Abha had been 'beheaded for homosexuality,' although one Saudi diplomat said the men were executed for raping boys. Carmen bin Laden, the sister-in-law of Osama bin Laden, recently published a book, in French, in which she tells of lesbian affairs among the kingdom's wealthiest women.

Jeddah gay community

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LGBT groups cry foul over Saudi ruling on hiring gay, lesbian employees

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It was reported last year that Saudi Arabia was setting up global public relations hubs to improve its international image amid its bombing of Yemen and its embargo of Qatar.

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