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ISTJs tend to plan their activities and make decisions early. Time is such a form, a quantifiable essense of exactitude, the standard to which external events are held. ISTJs tend to value objective criteria above personal preference. They are noted for devotion to duty. They like to be accountable for their actions, and enjoy being in positions of authority. Their homes are likely to be tastefully furnished and immaculately maintained.


ISTJ is the third most common type in the population and the most common type among men. People are likely to develop behaviors, skills, and attitudes based on their particular type. Otherwise, silence is golden. Attracted to symbolic actions or devices, Ni synthesizes seeming paradoxes to create the previously unimagined. What is your personality type? The ISTJ has little use for theory or abstract thinking, unless the practical application is clear. When the Si function is ready to relinquish the data, Te may speak. The grim determination of the ISTJ vindicates itself in officiation of sports events, judiciary functions, or an other situation which requires making tough calls and sticking to them. They generally prefer interacting with a few close friends rather than a wide circle of acquaintances, and they expend energy in social situations whereas extroverts gain energy. The ISTJ is extremely faithful and loyal. Jungian functional preference ordering: The secretary, clerk, or business wo man by whom others set their clocks is likely to be an ISTJ. These are the results i got. Learning[ edit ] ISTJs learn best and apply themselves to subjects that they deem practical and useful. ISTJ indicates a person who is energized by time spent alone Introverted , who focuses on facts and details rather than ideas and concepts Sensing , who makes decisions based on logic and reason Thinking and who prefers to be planned and organized rather than spontaneous and flexible Judging. In this interpretation, if the Dominant function is extraverted, then the other three are introverted, and vice versa. Home, social clubs, government, schools, the military, churches -- these are the bastions of the SJ. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. February Type description[ edit ] ISTJs are logical, organized, sensible, and earnest traditionalists who enjoy keeping their lives and environments well-regulated. However, many modern practitioners hold that the attitude of the Tertiary function is the same as the Dominant. Reliable and dutiful, ISTJs want to uphold tradition and follow regulations. Their homes are likely to be tastefully furnished and immaculately maintained. Threats to time-honored traditions or established organizations e. It stands for Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging. The Tertiary function is less developed than the Dominant and Auxiliary, but it matures over time, rounding out the person's abilities. Effusive expression of emotional warmth is not something that ISTJs do without considerable energy loss. They place great importance on honesty and integrity.


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ISTJs The Most Important Thing You Need To Know

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