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Try full bottomed panties, thongs, g-strings and booty shorts to see which works best for you. Or you can try something more suggestive, tell him what you're wearing or go with the classic "What are you wearing? Think sexy and feel sexy. Place a cube in your mouth and run it along your lover's body or brush it across your nipples to set them firm. It is sexy, fun, harmless, liberating and your partner will love it. Run your fingers through your hair, down your neck, your chest then down to your hips and around your butt.

How to seduce your boyfriend sexually

They make your legs look toned, sleek, and longer. It's best if you can relate to the music and feel comfortable moving to its beat. Keep the heat up by keeping your arm and hand over your breasts then slowly turn around and slide your hand across and away from your breasts for a sexy reveal. How to perform a lap dance for your boyfriend or husband. If all else fails in the shoe department, the bare-foot stripper strut on your tip toes is also very hot. If you want to make sure he is committed to you before you have sex with him, you should talk to him to gauge his ideas about where the relationship is headed. Enjoy the touch of your his hands on your body. Play peek-a-boob with each side. If they reach out in your direction or starts to grind back, slap their wrist and let them know that if they do it again, the dance is over, no exceptions. Strapless shoes can be removed more gracefully than shoes with straps or buckles. Start by setting aside 2 or 3 songs. Thigh high stockings worn with or without garters are a sexy addition to almost any outfit. He may just need a little more time. A shirt with buttons can be a very sexy item of clothing to remove. Whether you have been with other guys or not, your first time with someone should be special. Keep eye contact and keep caressing yourself from different angles and perspectives. If your back is turned to your partner, glance over your shoulder. You should have sex with someone only if you want to and are ready to. This is your time to lead your partner to the chair, strut about, pose, explain the rules to your lover and begin to slowly ease into your seductive performance. If you are considering becoming sexually active and have never had sex before, think about why you want to become sexually active. Indirect lighting is both flattering and more intimate. When you're near enough, take your lap dance to the next level. If this isn't easy for you, try bending your knees or taking your bottoms off while lying on your back. A blindfold will help keep your lover's senses alert - itching to know what will come next. Turn off all possible distractions — TV and mobile phones etc. Steps 1 Establish some basic rules.

How to seduce your boyfriend sexually

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How to seduce your boyfriend: sexy dance on the table

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Use an ice cube from your cocktail. Keep eye contact and keep caressing yourself from different angles and perspectives.

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