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This means, they loved to feel wanted as they are very classy, conservative, and sophisticated ladies. It builds up a greater trust between you Cancer man and Capricorn woman. She will like to spend a weekend in a simple way far away in a quiet place. Direct approach — she is a practical woman and loves no-nonsense approach. Value your body and stay fit. In some cases that is true, but not quite. What Type of a Woman is the Capricorn? Finally, patience is a virtue with this lovely lady. She would love to take charge and keep all angles of her responsibilities.

How to keep a capricorn woman

Narrow mindedness — this woman is fair and though she might not follow or understand certain points of view, she strongly believes that every person has the right to live their lives on their own terms. When she is interested in a man she will make a lot of effort to get to know him as closely as possible. She has a lighter side, which she allows only those close to her to see. Capricorn women love intelligent and stimulating conversations. They are resourceful and work hard for their ambition. Because of her underlying characteristics, she will expect you to respect and treat her with refined value. These women always have their own variations as per different aspects and environments. You like her, walk up t her and tell her that you would like to know her better. You will have to find ways to approach her but do not become pushy on things. Do not go for "shock me, " or "impress me," topics. Just accept of who she is and know that fact that she DOES love you!! Instead, make her laugh with witty and goofy humor. She will also like museums and art galleries. They can be good leaders and can lead a large group. Capricorn women need to feel secure and if her finances are not in order she has no peace, and neither will the person she is dealing with. Ask her in a polite way. She is not selfish, but she has a certain way of doing things in order to get or maintain balance and harmony in her life. Meet Singles in your Area! Perfection with Age The woman from the zodiac sign of Capricorn matures with elegance. Shower her with gifts that will genuinely interest her. While she may appear to be reserved or even shy in the beginning, she will eventually warm up to you if she can trust you. Anyone dating a Capricorn who is not financially stable, may feel neglected as the Capricorn chases his or her dreams. They also have a lot in common as per the Sun Sign and it is good to find ways to make them fall in love with you. If you are trying to find a doormat, then she is not good for you. This can sometimes be the downside for the lady who is known for being one of the most cautious and suspicious women of the zodiac. As a Friend Capricorns are serious and analytical.

How to keep a capricorn woman

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Capricorn women are the MOST complicated signs to get into a relationship but the above can help you make them crawl out their shell and get close to you!!!

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