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And there will be no more counseling, no more talking, no more anything. As he left for work this morning I asked him to consider this: He did not know or try to get out of it. It is hard to watch a once fun loving great guy deteriorate into a lying cheating piece of crap. The CS is like a drug addict. But, if he cannot except his flawed self, this is where the mistress comes in. He was not happy or enjoying himself. He was once such a fine and loving man. It is relationship built on lies.

How to cope with emotional affair

The answer is YES. I apologized to her the next morning about jumping on her like that, I should have approached it differently but reading some posts I wonder if I should have not apologized. And God Bless all who are having to deal with the pain and suffering resulting from affairs, which extends to those who have strayed as well as those who have been betrayed. It could be temporary separation, counseling, quitting her job, moving away, or any other consequence that you are willing to commit to right now and that you could live with if it comes to that. Be strong and know that you are worth being faithful to. I ignored it the first time I will not do that again. As much as I want to save our marriage, I see no hope because his bond to her is so strong. Now he has been reduced to this sad, sick little person. Some days it actually feels like I am being punished for loving her. Wives have traditionally been the makers of hearth and home for thousands of years and if a woman is not willing to put her marriage and children first then someone must. Our marriage is improving. My CS would never be stepdad and could not have provided for her. I still have the paranoia, suspicions, or any other term that can be used for high alert. A year later he went to jail for a year, and I did it again. From that second on he knew I was no longer playing the game. He planned a very romantic 25th anniversary for us. Stupidly I fell for all of it but weeks later he was back with the same OW but again I inew nothing. My spouse is the same way. It is hard to watch a once fun loving great guy deteriorate into a lying cheating piece of crap. In the end I think he had and has it worse. Reply Sadinthesouth June 3, at 8: If the wife is not holding the family together, then who will? I could ask any happily married spouse — do you love your husband or do you love the way he makes you feel? I still teeter on the edge. I too found myself for awhile after D-day searching to make sure that my wife was not continuing to contact her EA partner.

How to cope with emotional affair

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Marriage Advice - I Am Having An Emotional Affair?

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I cannot control him.

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