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So, not all his mirrors are at risk to overt abuse. Of course, on the other side of that coin we are portraying an image of the other person as inferior. A narcissist is someone who goes through life fixated on getting the right kinds of looks on other people's faces. It's what your rapist, pedophile, and serial killer are playing to the mirror of the victim's face for. It's the wretched look of someone begging him for mercy. Bee has no interest in any flower he can't exploit. Both appear in the shadow that comes over that other person's face. A narcissist will love his reflection in fourteenth mirror too, because it reflects on him as wonderful.

House of mirrors narcissism

He'll train some to become his hunting hounds, wagging their tails at him for approval of how well they're serving as his ventriloquist's dummies with their baying all over the place about whomever he sicks them on. That's right, the face doesn't matter: Narcissists need to see it. Then the honeymoon is suddenly over. No one can bear a shameful self-concept. She lives in a hall of mirrors, and you are just a mirror she's posing before, to see her reflection. But that never stops a narcissist from hectically conducting this lifelong exercise in futility. You know — like Superman, "more powerful than a locomotive, faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Because it is very easy to hurt their feelings. It's the wretched look of someone begging him for mercy. So, for example, you may think it's about the business proposal you're discussing with her. For example, if we relate to another person condescendingly or patronizingly, we portray an image of ourselves as superior. A narcissist is someone who goes through life fixated on getting the right kinds of looks on other people's faces. The importance of self concept cannot be overstated. Say no to Narcissism "Pathological narcissism pervades every facet of the personality, every behavior, every cognition, and every emotion. But narcissists are the only people permanently fixated on doing so, to the exclusion of all else. This makes it difficult to treat. They get high on it, because it makes them inwardly thump their chest and give a Tarzan yell. He unknows it simply by having the mental maturity of a three-year-old, at which age everyone thinks that way. Whereas he'd have to work at hurting his wife that deeply. This makes it difficult to treat. Bee has no interest in any flower he can't exploit. For, they can feel good about themselves by inflicting horrendous pain and suffering without leaving a mark, simply through the occult violence of mental cruelty. This shows why most psychopaths and narcissists don't get to the point of committing physically violent crimes like rape, pedophilia, or serial torture and murder. The narcissist is playing for a reflection of what kind of person she imagines herself to be. Yes, they love that wretched, devastated look on the victim's face. Bee investigates Flower for one purpose always and only — to assess what type of nectar, if any, can be got from it.

House of mirrors narcissism

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Why Narcissists Hoard, Purge Their Possessions and Break Your Stuff to Hurt You

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The headiest nectar, the nectar of the gods, is power.

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