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Thus, the present tense is clearly not used. Therefore, "the majority of scholars correctly see a reference to the size of the letters Paul was inscribing" [The Expositor's Bible Commentary, vol. I am now writing to you in my own hand. Kenneth Wuest agrees -- "Paul had contracted an oriental eye disease called ophthalmia, which not only gave him a repulsive appearance, but rendered him almost totally blind. Teach the whole word of God! An Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament, p.


Thus, he wrote it from their viewpoint, not his. Alexander Campbell was a true son of the 19th century. Before we get to that analysis, however, notice the diversity of translation reflective of the diversity of understanding found in several of our English versions: Easy-to-Read Version -- I am writing this myself. The same is true with biblical scholars and commentators. I teach art, for goodness sake! But in ending it he first takes the pen from the hand of his amanuensis and adds a summary of the letter in his own handwriting. He wanted to make sure they did not miss the message he sought to convey in this final section of his epistle. Jerome who gave us the Latin Vulgate "says that Paul was a Hebrew, and that he was unacquainted with the mode of writing Greek letters, and thus formed his characters in this crude manner" [Albert Barnes, Barnes' Notes on the Bible, e-Sword]. Reflections -- The Authorship of Hebrews: And I crave right-brain experiences, music, and drama, but …. Several short scripture readings moved quickly from one reader to the next, climaxing in a congregational responsive reading. Thus, the present tense is clearly not used. Kenneth Wuest agrees -- "Paul had contracted an oriental eye disease called ophthalmia, which not only gave him a repulsive appearance, but rendered him almost totally blind. Albert Barnes , in his Notes on the Bible, even stated, "The sense is not materially different whichever translation is adopted" [via e-Sword]. Thus, Paul sought to authenticate his own letters by writing the final greeting in his own handwriting, which those who knew him would probably recognize. It was therefore necessary for him to write in letters large enough so that with his darkened vision he could see what he was doing" [Wuest's Word Studies from the Greek NT, vol. The tempo of the class shifted abruptly into celebrative praise and worship, with contemporary songs projected on a screen in colorful graphics. At least in part, the American dream grew out of this new-found confidence in the possibilities of the human intellect. Holman Christian Standard Bible -- Look at what large letters I have written to you in my own handwriting. It's true that nobody's salvation hinges on this choice, but I would not suggest that the matter is of no consequence, or that one choice is not materially different from the other, for one's choice will indeed affect how one perceives Paul's intent in this passage. Paul literally "took great pains" to warn the brethren against the legalists and their godless doctrines and practices. To translate the word as an indicative deprives it of its forcefulness, and thus diminishes the impact of what Paul sought to convey as he summarized the major points of this epistle. They may feel drawn toward some of the recent right-brain elements being restored to our worship and theology, but at the same time they are fearful. Across several generations, we have evolved a full-blown, left-brain religious culture. The legalists are still around; they still preach their "other gospel" of seeking divine approval and acceptance by keeping commands and observing law.


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As an example of the latter, some have actually suggested that most "brilliant" people have poor penmanship, and thus Paul was simply apologizing to the Galatian brethren for his "crude scrawling. But God made both men.

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