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Give the guests a time limit one or two minutes work well, but it depends on how many marshmallows you want to give each guest. An evening vision Dream Check it out here. As long as the winners of the games keep their legs uncrossed, they can keep the gifts. Have the host or the Passion Party consultant stand in the middle and ask sexually-themed questions such as, "Have you ever had sex outdoors? Meet back at a One-Hour Photo Shop at a specified time. Each of the partygoers takes a turn to pop a balloon and find out who wins something.

Fun passion party games

Give each team a banana with a condom. Murder Mystery Party Games Fanastic all-inclusive murder mysteries for girls' night events, holiday parties, mixed parties and more. These parties are usually filled with females and the games can get quite exciting. Pop Your Cherry Put a cherry on a plate and cover it with whipped cream. Dirty Mind Test Pepper your audience with a number of riddles that appear to describe things of an erotic nature. There are some chocolate fanatics out there. Divide the guests into teams, with each team having three or more members. There's also great support for all of your murder mystery party questions. Have each guest bring a random item. Person with the most points wins. Play it online or get ideas from the site. When the music starts guests must pass the vibrator around the circle. One at a time a guest has to pick a balloon and pop it, she must do the dare on the paper. Check it out here. These Murder Mystery party games include invitations and loads of party planning ideas. Instruct the guests to suck the mini marshmallows up with the straw and put them in the cup. Come up with a definition for each one. References Your Passion Consultant: A famous swashbuckling trio of old 3 Musketeers 3. Do not unroll the condom. Given the sensitive nature of the products, games are an excellent way for the saleswoman to break the ice with customers. Condom Race Players must put a condom on a banana, cucumber or zucchini using only their mouths. The last person left wins the game. The first guest to make it back to her original seat wins the game. Keep the candy bars hidden as you call out the definitions. If so, it might be a good idea to announce that at the beginning of the game, just in case there's a reason why someone does not want to give up their pennies. A feline Kit Kat

Fun passion party games

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Tia's Passion Party

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