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Adventures in Slumberland , Nemo is given a key that unlocks every door in Slumberland, except for one with a sinister-looking symbol which leads to Nightmareland. Peel not to take a macaroon because they're Mother's favorite. Cullen, who is introduced by sneaking into Jerin's room, tells him that "even the air smells better" now that he is in a place where he decided to go. Naturally, resident troublemaker Flip convinces him to do just that, and all hell breaks loose, literally. After ten days of smooth sailing that would probably set some records, they come within sight of Ithica. The lights went out. Indeed, the design of the sticker has attained cult status, and can be found on T-shirts, signs, and similar paraphernalia. The kids of Salute Your Shorts get back at a spoiled brat who's made their lives miserable by telling her she's now free to "trash whatever you want to trash, destroy whatever you want to destroy

Forbidden fruit effect

Hanging around saloons or chocolatiers or raves or racetracks—name your poison—just increases the odds that your self-control will fail you someday. Aslan's intervention helps her resist the temptation to cast a spell that would make her the most beautiful woman in the world but cause misfortune to others, but as a direct result she immediately makes up her mind to cast another spell which will tell her what her friends think of her and regrets it, since it shows her one of her friends bad-mouthing her to another girl. She has a magic kettle that she uses to conjure pasta, and she tells him not to touch it. They had these students rate the desirability of a number of leisure activities, like going to movies and partying and so forth. Doctor Who runs on this trope. As our national obesity crisis shows, difficulties with discipline and self-control are widespread and harmful. Although it seems intuitively obvious that one should not keep bonbons in every room of the house, psychological theory argues the opposite. Lewis which isn't too strange since a lot of the stories are religious in nature, with lots of bible references and parallels. Balance is important when invoking this trope. Before he was imprisoned by the gods for giving fire to mortals, Prometheus warned his brother never to accept any gifts from the gods. The psychologists figured that young women at a gym would tend to be health conscious—and thus conflicted over the choice. Prometheus means "forethought" and Epimethus means "afterthought". One such person was George Carlin , who entitled one of his albums Parental Advisory: They offered them a choice of power bars or chocolates, and had them rate their desire for each. Trick Or Treat had fun with this. Unhappily, these MBA students were enrolled in a really boring class—but one that they really needed to complete. In other words, for some the decision was a done deal, while for others it was reversible. Tony allows her to live with them on several conditions, one of which is that she stay away from his brother Troy. After Mandy turns 21 years old, she discovers that she doesn't like drinking wine as much as she did when she was underage and not legally allowed to consume it. But what if you could just change your mind? If he wants unquestioning lackeys, God will just have to destroy them both and make some replacements. Looks like some sort of control matrix. One time, she was informed by a doctor that she is allergic to lobster and compulsively eats an entire plate of lobster until she swelled up. The Pale Man would like to draw your attention to the wonderful food before it and away from its hands. The only part of Flint's mansion that Rayna Kapec is forbidden to enter is one specific room. In " The Goose Girl ", the queen gives the princess a handkerchief with three drops of blood in it and orders her to take great care of it; the princess is careless and loses the handkerchief, which had protected her. The room is a nursery that Karen set up after a pregnancy scare; the fact that she kept it at all is a major Pet the Dog moment.

Forbidden fruit effect

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Some rated their desire before choosing, and others right after—but before eating. There are a couple in The Chronicles of Narnia by C.

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