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Few wild predators can afford to be picky and any will readily consume deer as carrion. Sparring among males determines a dominance hierarchy. Bucks either have a typical or atypical antler arrangement. Scent is deposited from these glands when deer walk through and rub against vegetation. For the first four weeks, fawns are hidden in vegetation by their mothers, who nurse them four to five times a day. A doe makes maternal grunts when searching for her bedded fawns. The white-tailed deer of the Llanos region of Colombia and Venezuela O. Good antler-growth nutritional needs calcium and good genetics combine to produce wall trophies in some of their range. They also eat hay, grass, white clover, and other foods they can find in a farm yard.


As they run, the flash of their white tails warns other deer. The Andean white-tailed deer seem to retain gray coats due to the colder weather at high altitudes, whereas the lowland savanna forms retain the reddish brown coats. These savanna-adapted deer have relatively large antlers in proportion to their body size and large tails. A main issue in questioning the humaneness of this method is the stress that the deer endure while trapped and awaiting extermination. They have skin-covered nobs on their heads. They often rub-urinate into these scrapes, which are often found under twigs that have been marked with scent from the forehead glands. The Boone and Crockett or Pope and Young scoring systems also define relative degrees of typicality and atypicality by procedures to measure what proportion of the antlers is asymmetrical. Each chamber has a different and specific function that allows the deer to eat a variety of different foods, digesting it at a later time in a safe area of cover. The smallest deer occur in the Florida Keys and in partially wooded lowlands in the neotropics. A review of color vision in whitetailed deer. The white-tailed deer of the Llanos region of Colombia and Venezuela O. The first type, similar to the Central American deer, consists of savannas, dry deciduous forests, and riparian corridors that cover much of Venezuela and eastern Colombia. Sexual maturation of females depends on population density , as well as availability of food. A doe makes maternal grunts when searching for her bedded fawns. If numerous males are in a particular area, then they compete more for the females. These descriptions are not the only limitations for typical and atypical antler arrangement. Therefore, bucks with only slight asymmetry are scored as "typical". Mature bucks also produce a grunt-snort-wheeze pattern, unique to each animal, that asserts its dominance, aggression, and hostility. This strategy keeps scent levels low to avoid predators. Rack growth tends to be very important from late spring until about a month before velvet sheds. Atypical antlers are asymmetrical and the points may project any angle from main beam. Cougars and jaguars will initially knock the deer off balance with their powerful forelegs, whereas the smaller bobcats and lynxes will jump astride the deer to deliver a killing bite. Length and branching of antlers are determined by nutrition, age, and genetics. This rather odd occurrence is best noted in Michigan, where in the lower peninsula around late August early September they begin to move out of less developed areas in favor of living near human settlements. Most common in the U. Two white-tailed deer nuzzling in Cayuga Heights, New York White-tailed deer have many forms of communication involving sounds, scent, body language, and marking.


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Bears may sometimes attack adult deer, while lynxes, coyotes, and wolverines are most likely to take adult deer when the ungulates are weakened by harsh winter weather.

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