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This abbreviated form is used less to mean a celebratory event, but more an eventful over-indulgence in expressions such as drug fest or beer fest. In general, Census records did not survive to the same degree as Books of Residents. Sue February 28, at A thing that is believed to attract females. Reply Sarah March 16, at 4. To lick or suck one's recently deposited semen from the rectum, or more recently the term has applied to such actions involving the vagina. Reply Sue September 23, at 8.


Not all the data is online because of lack of funding for certain towns or, in some cases, where the data is less than years old and subject to privacy laws. Reply Sandy April 11, at Although many of these books were destroyed during the World War II, a surprising number have survived and are available in various archives. A fit of anger, a temper tantrum. A fraud or cheat. A coded message for family members to delay helping themselves until guests have an adequate amount of that which is on offer, usually because of shortages. In Galicia the records contained similar information, but the parents names were usually not recorded nor was the maiden name of the woman. The spinach leaves wilted a bit but that was the only difference. LinRob January 16, at 6. Went back a few days later for another order! This north-eastern pronunciation of film is used elsewhere in a light-hearted manner. Did you try this method? Sue August 12, at 8. So simple to make and so good for you. Used in expressions to add emphasis. And I happened upon this recipe. I wanted to see if you had tried making these, and if so, how they had turned out? Reply Sue August 12, at 8. To lick or suck one's recently deposited semen from the rectum, or more recently the term has applied to such actions involving the vagina. Yummm Reply rvafoodie November 26, at 1. I am going to make this, salt-free for hubby, today and see how it goes over. Made them with butter flavored spray and Mrs Dash seasoning and they where yummmmy! Thank you so much and hope to hear from you soon! Reply Sharon April 11, at 5. To molest the female genitals, in the manner of cupping one's hand to feed a horse or pony.


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Uncouth fat women who are and look promiscuous. A person who 'felches'.

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