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She likes Alistair although she finds it heartbreaking that he only views her as a friend. He treats the students with a favorable destiny better than the ones without, but nonetheless insists that everyone follows the destiny as dictated by their story. He turns into a frog whenever he gets tongue-tied around princesses. She has curly purple hair in high pigtails , and wears a purple dress, a headband and handbag styled with the cat's iconic smile. She fears her destiny of having to sleep for a hundred years, and tries to learn as much as she can before facing that spell. As a Royal, she embraces her role as the villain and aspires to be the queen of fairies and villains. Her romance status is "not even looking" as she is more focused in figuring out her destiny.

Ever after high ca cupid doll

The "Royals" are the students who side with Apple in embracing their destinies and following in their parents' footsteps. She accessorizes her edgy outfit with a feather bracelet, winged filigree shoes, quiver purse and heart and arrow headband. Her special ability is to enhance curses. She wears a black dress, blue leggings, and light blue boots. He also carries a textured messenger bag. However, the sisters agree to keep the destinies they want. She typically wears dresses in floral prints. The company estimated only about million was budgeted for the development. Her purple-dyed hair is styled in an asymmetric cut or a short pixie-style cut and she wears a bandanna headband. Cupid, daughter of Eros from Mount Olympus, is a straight shooter when it comes to fashion Posable doll wears a Grecian-inspired dress with cloud and arrow print. It debuted in October , with a first print of , copies. She fears her destiny of having to sleep for a hundred years, and tries to learn as much as she can before facing that spell. She has been known to fall asleep at various times. She has dark brown hair and a tan complexion, and wears a pink dress. He has a huge crush on Raven Queen, but is too shy to confess to her. Her roommate is Kitty Cheshire. Her activities at school include cheerleading and crashing parties. She is also childhood friends with Lizzie and the other Wonderlandians. She has long strawberry-blonde hair, that can act as a strong rope, even when it is cut. Her mother runs Rapunzel's Tower Hair Salon. Badwolf and Little Red Riding Hood learned to get along in secret which resulted in the secret child-raising of Cerise Hood. Badwolf , one of the first Rebels. Shop for more toys at Add to Wishlist. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a tan complexion. The students are generally divided between two groups.

Ever after high ca cupid doll

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She has black hair with red streaks, a red heart-shaped mark covering her left eye.

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