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Compromised computers would be left vulnerable , allowing the attacker to control them to carry out this action. These are written conversations over the Internet in which files can also be transferred. This is a text file which is sometimes sent to a user visiting a web page to register the visit to the page and record certain information regarding the visit. DNS Domain name system: The terms folder and directory really refer to the same thing.

Define virus hoax

After the computer has been infected, the original file will be unusable. While the instructions worked, they were needless and in some rare cases, for example, when the long file names are damaged and need to be restored can cause disruptions, as SULFNBK. This is the action of assigning a shared network disk a letter in a computer, just as if it were another drive in the computer itself. This is a barrier that can protect information in a system or network when there is a connection to another network, for example, the Internet. EXE was a virus, and contained instructions to locate and delete the file. The date when the detection of a certain malware was first included in the Virus Signature File. Any program that changes the browser settings, to make the home page or the default search page, etc. This is the way in which a virus infects a computer. A program that collects and saves a list of all keystrokes made by a user. EXE is not a virus, but instead an operating system component. The terms folder and directory really refer to the same thing. The component became famous in the early s as the subject of an e-mail hoax. A company that offers access to the Internet and other related services. The latest date when the detection of a malware was updated in the Virus Signature File. These are written conversations over the Internet in which files can also be transferred. In its strictest sense, it can be defined as a set of rules or a combination of symbols that have a given value within an established system. They can contain files or other sub-directories. A virus that affects macros in Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, etc. Communication channel between different components in a computer communicating data signals, addresses, control signals, etc. This is a kind of technology that allows data to be sent at very high speed across an Internet connection. Divisions or sections used to structure and organize information contained on a disk. Programs that display advertising using any means: This is used to store information about other users such as e-mail addresses etc. These viruses are grouped into families or groups. This is a program that enters the computer and creates a backdoor through which it is possible to control the affected system without the user realizing.

Define virus hoax

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What does hoax mean?

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This generally refers to the country where the first incidence of virus was first recorded.

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