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Management is not a tree, it's a television set. Suppose I'm the experimenter. Many people begin trying to thumbtack the candle to the wall. I don't want to tell you a story. But for 21st century tasks, that mechanistic, reward-and-punishment approach doesn't work, often doesn't work, and often does harm. The carrot and stick image refers to rewards and punishments, and exists across many cultures. It's built much more around intrinsic motivation.

Dan pink the puzzle of motivation transcript

To solve the problem, you have to use thumbtacks to attach the matchbox to the wall and use it as a platform for the candle. Many people begin trying to thumbtack the candle to the wall. Rewards, by their very nature, narrow our focus, concentrate the mind; that's why they work in so many cases. Introduce students to the components of the candle problem and teach the words if necessary a candle, some thumbtacks, a book of matchsticks. I'm a lawyer; I don't believe in feelings. Because you have to deliver something overnight. The solution, if it exists at all, is surprising and not obvious. Correct language if necessary. Work on anything you want. You may also want to bring into the classroom the components of the candle problem see step 3 below. Find out how many people successfully worked out the solution. Tell them that you are going to play an excerpt from a presentation by a man called Dan Pink. Everybody in this room is dealing with their own version of the candle problem. In eight of the nine tasks we examined across three experiments, higher incentives led to worse performance. That's how business works. People offered the medium level of rewards did no better than people offered the small rewards. Just 10 years ago, if you had gone to an economist, anywhere, "Hey, I've got these two different models for creating an encyclopedia. And I'm telling you, it's not even close. That's actually fine for many kinds of 20th century tasks. But that's not happening here. It's created in by a psychologist named Karl Duncker. It dulls thinking and blocks creativity. I want to tell you about an experiment using the candle problem, done by a scientist named Sam Glucksberg, who is now at Princeton University, US, This shows the power of incentives. I never practiced law a day in my life; I pretty much wasn't allowed to. A few times a year they tell their engineers, "Go for the next 24 hours and work on anything you want, as long as it's not part of your regular job. Laughter But today, against my better judgment, against the advice of my own wife, I want to try to dust off some of those legal skills — what's left of those legal skills. Management did not emanate from nature.

Dan pink the puzzle of motivation transcript

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The puzzle of motivation

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It doesn't mean it's going to work forever. You've got an incentive designed to sharpen thinking and accelerate creativity, and it does just the opposite.

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