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The two main brands are the Satisfyer and the dreadfully named but well reviewed Womanizer clitoral stimulators. Both is fine, but absolutely key to good cunnilingus is keeping a regular rhythm and your tongue swirling around and around is what feels best. You can also have your mouth open for the swirling, so you can take deeper breaths. There is no other person alive who elicits such a savage and passionate response from within me. Then a long lick up her labia, telling her how good she tastes, a tip of a tongue sliding up between her lips to flick her clit, then a little more, and back, kissing, even your breath on her as she gets more and more worked up. Obviously this is one of the most amazing ways to be edged you can imagine. Even the most well meaning soul does not weigh anything on the scale beside him.

Cunninglus tumblr

Even better grab a denial buddy and get to practise! In terms of edging you can hear from the noises they are making, but much more from the tension in their muscles, just how close they are, and then you slow, deliciously slow circles that keep them right on the edge but not going over. You can pretty soon learn to read them and keep her right on the edge with the merest hint of a suck and lick, indefinitely. Firstly you can finger fuck her at the same time. Lots, lots of lube. That no other person can fill this niche he has created is a curse. Cunnilingus is definitely harder upside-down whereas a blowjob often works as well or better that way up. You can lick the tip itself but also swirling all the way around it in circles with the tip of your tongue is the winner hence the name. You need to nuzzle right in on this one, pursing your lips into an O-shape and gently sucking her clit into your mouth. By varying firmness and speed you can keep them right on that edge. Then, as you gently suck you flick your tongue up and down in fast movements - this adds to the suction AND rubs the tip of her clit as you do it. You can deliberately stop and use fingers though, stroking them over her mound, giving a contrast to what you have been doing. I want to please him, want to spend far too many hours pressed against him, rambling on about the depth of my lust and love for him. A nice variation is the sideways 69, kinda like this: THAT is where she can completely lose it. So if you can build stamina and alternate techniques so you can do it for a long time she will adore you for it. It is the fine balance of dominance and romanticism that ensnares me. So those are the two basic moves! I hope this helps! There are only two basic moves you need to know to drive a woman crazy and make her cum or just edge her, of course, this is an orgasm denial blog. She can FEEL your moans and groans as you lick and suck there, so let her hear and feel how good you think she tastes, leave no doubt! This is so important for good sex but obviously trickier with oral sex. The bonus is she is able to give back. But as you see here and watch much more in the video the same works pretty damn well. There is no other person alive who elicits such a savage and passionate response from within me.

Cunninglus tumblr

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How To Eat Out A Vagina LIKE A PRO

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