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By far the most traditional positioning of the male partner is underneath the woman with his head just far enough up under her body to reach her vulva. Practice in five sets of ten, holding each move for 2 seconds. With a loose jaw, point your tongue while simultaneously trying to keep your tongue in constant contact with the top and bottom your mouth. Once you are in this position, hold the same muscle groups still and begin moving your tongue around. You can aid this process by telling her that she has just as long as she wants or needs, and that she can relax and take her time. This can be very confusing for men who may not know what position it's taken up, nor where they should try and stimulate their partner now that the clitoris has disappeared on them! This technique works best in an inverted or 69 position.

Cunninglingus position

Try all of these positions to go down on your woman, and give her lots of oral love! Generally, the less rushed she is, and the more comfortable she feels about taking her time to get to orgasm, the quicker it will happen. She kneels over him, then leans backwards so her weight rests against his knees. Cunnilingus Positions Once you're confident that you're in the groove of things, you're ready to learn how to apply these skills. Backwards This is by far the most comfortable cunnilingus position for those of you who get stiff necks with most of the other positions. We have a nice selection of Cunnilingus and 69 sex position sections to help you learn some of the options! A word of warning, though! You can also try parting her labia and pressing gently on ether side of the clitoral shaft to bring the clitoral glans back into full view. The incisal edges of the mandibular teeth can be smoothed to minimize the chance of trauma. Have some high quality artificial lube handy. Separating the legs wide would also usually open the vulva sufficiently for the partner to orally reach the clitoris. Once you are in this position, hold the same muscle groups still and begin moving your tongue around. Make certain before you start that your neck is not going to develop a crick so you have to stop at the point where she's getting really aroused. Even so, it does help blood to rush to the head, which can result in strong orgasms. You can also just look at her, express your desire with a few well-chosen words "Oh! If you know the feel of her G spot, you'll know when to increase clitoral stimulation when the G spot feels rough and ridged and when to add more movement and pressure internally when the G spot feel swollen and smooth. She may need to pull back the skin above her clit to give him clear access. Autocunnilingus , which is cunnilingus performed by a female on herself, may be possible, [23] but an unusually high degree of flexibility is required, which may be possessed only by contortionists. He can kneel behind her and push his face into her rear end. Women absolutely love oral sex. For the more advanced student, try keeping your mouth closed and circling your tongue around inside of it, while of course, maintaining position. Keep your tongue relaxed and open your mouth. The mint, as long as it is not too weak or strong, can create a very intense tingling sensation to enhance your performance. If her G spot is ridged and rough, then more attention round and about her clitoris is appropriate. This presses on the clitoris in a subtle way, sufficient to give the stimulation that will drive her towards orgasm but not so hard on the clitoris that it seems uncomfortable. Don't forget to take it out afterwards! Your partner can open her legs to any degree that she likes while still keeping the majority of her legs on the bed.

Cunninglingus position

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Repeating this technique going up and down and vice versa can be a great opener.

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