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This is the first time you'll be able to read Start of Darkness on a screen rather than on paper, so bibliophobics can finally read this crucial piece of the OOTS storyline. You can check out the product page to look at the cover and learn more about it, or go directly to Gumroad and pick it up. With something like a book, I order as many as I can, but with calendars, I err on the side of not having a bunch leftover. We're looking pretty good on the schedule, too; I don't see any reason it won't be available at Ookoodook's GenCon booth as planned. It's a rare instance of me actually updating anything other than the comic or news on this creaky dilapidated website, so enjoy it as one would a rare bird spotting or perhaps an unusual astronomical convergence. The printed version from Ookoodook will look great on your wall, but the digital version from Gumroad will get you all the humor with fewer shipping costs. But for the first time, we're offering the calendar in both printed and digital formats simultaneously. Since they sell most of my stuff and I did a lot of the visual design work for them , I thought I'd mention it here.

Cringe shirts

This is still a bit of an experiment, keep in mind. The new cover-watermarked PDFs feature scalable vector art that looks good at any resolution you know, relative to the material , updated fonts to match the current comic, and are fully bookmarked, with all strip number references in the commentaries hyperlinked to the strip in question. Also, special shout-out to Alea Tools , a company that makes tracking doodads for your tabletop games, for being our top advertiser over the years that we were with Project Wonderful. But for right now, what matters is that everyone is safe. Featuring the villains of the Order of the Stick saga, it's twelve months of spoooooky bad guy art and demon roach quips. This is the Winter set, even though Spring started a few days ago. Probably during the wrong season. I also took the time to update my own Shop page with the inclusion of Gumroad as my fourth product vendor. Everyone who bought the book should have it, and it's now available for everyone who didn't buy it yet to remedy that. To be honest, I almost forgot to announce this here because this project has been the smoothest book launch I've had since I started publishing. The reaction has been very positive and sales have been good enough that I will definitely be releasing No Cure for the Paladin Blues at some point Finally, the books are working their way through the retail distribution chain and should start showing up on game store shelves as early as this Tuesday, September 4th. Also, if you are a Kickstater backer, you should already have gotten this story for free. The first such thing is the Stick Tales Calendar , the fifth annual Order of the Stick calendar that we've done. Worst case scenario, we overnight ship a few boxes to cover those of you who pre-ordered it to pick up at the convention. But the series will be continuing, because the response from all of you has been really positive so far and there are just too many monsters left to draw, not to mention whole character classes I haven't touched. I know this may be arriving a little bit too soon after the last one, but I really wanted to release it before the end of the actual season being referenced on the cover, just for the sheer novelty of finishing something on time. You can see it there to the left, with Bandana and Gannji playing hockey. The more we sell, the quicker you'll see the rest of the series in this format. So if you wanted to get one and didn't get there in time, I've put the calendar up on Gumroad as a digital PDF. If you liked the last two, you will like this one! And like the previous release of Dungeon Crawlin' Fools, I've written some additional commentary on the commentaries to squeeze in the cracks here and there throughout the book. Don't Split the Party. Maybe I'll add a new slate sometime in the Spring, if things work out, but it's just the ornaments for the holiday season. But hear this oath: So if you think you want the calendar at all, feel free to order it now or whenever you're ready. I don't expect to get to strip , but two thousand pages drawn seems pretty achievable before we wrap this thing up.

Cringe shirts

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It's been about a month shy of twelve years since I started the comic, and everything I said on the occasion of the tenth anniversary itself a very basecentric occasion still holds true.

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