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If you are interested in dealing with venomous snakes on your property, check out some of the links here. Also be careful not to squash any other living critters. What Kinds of Amphibians and Reptiles Might Live On Your Property There are a number of factors which will determine the types of herps that might live in your yard or garden. There is no information here about caring for captive animals. Herps can adapt to non-native vegetation as long as it provides the food and shelter they need, but, according to the experts, you should try to plant mostly a variety of native plants. Below the links on this page, I have compiled a list of herps that I have learned to be residents or regular visitors to urban or suburban properties around the state.

Cotati crawl

Others want to improve their property so they can encourage herps to take up residence. Even a slight change in position can trap or crush the animal. If it is always wet and shady, you will probably not have any reptiles. Let it crawl back under or run away after you set the object down. Free admission for children age 10 and younger. Perhaps you can find another one online. Film Festival on Aging September 14 - 16, 1. Outdoor sumo wrestling September 16, noon, 2 p. And you need to be careful when mowing and trimming plants and cleaning up so you don't kill any herps. Use Pesticides Sparingly Almost all herps that will be attracted to your yard eat insects and other bugs, so use pesticides and other chemicals sparingly to avoid killing off the food supply, or use natural pest control methods when necessary. Opera in the Park September 9, 1: Let me know if you find any other good links or have information to share. Look here for some information on a few of the many possible abandoned pets that might be found in California. Amphibians also appreciate sunny areas with cover to hide under, where they can enjoy the heat, but stay out of the direct sunlight. Never set something down on top of an animal. It is also likely that strong pesticides might also kill or sicken your yard herps. There are many, many examples of this, including the ecological devastation that happened when the Brown Tree Snake was introduced to the island of Guam, and the devastation of Hawaii's native bird population, caused by the introdution of many non-native species which brought in avian malaria against which the native birds were defenseless forcing them to live only at altitudes too high for the malaria mosquitoes to thrive. If you live on a large tract of land in the country, then you are more likely to have a wider variety of herps. If you leave containers of water out for birds or other animals, you should also provide something that an animal that falls into the water can use to climb out, such as sticks that are angled out from the center of the container to the edge. Walls with plants and shrubs next to them are perfect for lizards, as are piles of rocks or wood which get sunlight. These could be an important food source. The climate and how much shade and moisture and shelter are present are also important. Art fair in Santa Clara September 15 - 16, If possible, leave a net or something that sticks out of the water and contacts the edge of the pool. If you are close to undeveloped natural land, or land that has been allowed to remain somewhat natural that provides a corridor between your property and some natural habitat, then there is more opportunity for herps to move into your property. Pacific Avenue also will be car free from Stockton to Kearny.

Cotati crawl

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Chinese festival September 15 - 16, 1. Film Festival on Aging September 14 - 16, 1.

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