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So I got dropped off at the Cabot Trail and pushed into a life changing journey, but stopped and ate a Lobster first, all alone at the restaurant just off the highway leading into the trail. He makes a killing and lives life to the fullest!! World-class roads world-class beaches where I will take you to eat crab, enjoy a beach fire and play in some waves taller than me!!! We hit the beaches, we skated the hills, and we went to a community hall and danced to the fiddle!! I see this vision!! Coast needs to grow!

Coast longboarding

This church will keep Coast Longboarding alive and moving on up. But never planned for it and now were going to live it. Man I love her!! People have started careers off of the Coast wave and are killing it. We will not fail!!!!! While I could go on for pages about how this came to be or what this means for Coast Longboarding, Bricin, his family and downhill skateboarding, Bricin Striker Lyons, Godfather of Coast Longboarding, has said more than I need to. The Coast Longboarding church has five runs and the first monster is five minutes away from our front doors! People pay two to four bucks to walk around his place!! There is no place in British Columbia where we can buy a church at the top of this many world class hills, white sandy beaches with surf, in the middle of a Canadian national park, if there was such a place we would be moving there instead! So that second trip really ate away at me!! I did everything but sleep on the beach with my crew, trying to give them the same experience I had in Cape Breton that changed my life!! I got home after a month long tour and I slept for a day and loaded up with a new crew and we hit the Calgary Rocky Mountain Tour… the tour was a six day tour, it was incredible but it was on the way home on the Coquihalla Highway, about two in the morning, I looked over at Stumanchu and told him I was done… I told him I was done here in B. Coast needs to grow! A race that changed the world!! Love you thank you!! Never a five-year plan, just keep busy creating and skating. While Coast has been busy creating and helping fire everyone up, the main man behind the scenes… Me — Bricin Striker Lyons was told by his longtime girlfriend and even more important behind the scenes, that she was pregnant with our first child while I sat on an empty keg at Danger Bay ten, burnt right out waiting for bands to load up after the last big night. From their GoFundMe Page here. This will teach our kids how to start a business from scratch, keeping us all together! We can brag about at least six world champions coming out of our Coast scene!! He makes a killing and lives life to the fullest!! In these past years longboarding grew like wild weeds, it hit heavy worldwide and all Coast ever set itself up for was the next event. The original Push For The Cure led me to the Cabot Trail after I finished up my work promoting Ben, Aaron and the guys, helping them raise awareness for their cause, since then we have raised over a million bucks fighting cancer!! So for this first there will be more post sharing info about the newly founded Church of Skatan, please check the Gofundme page and read what Bricin and his wife Patricia have to say about this incredible undertaking. Something that is dear to me, seeing as I lost my grandma at age 54 and then mom 47 to that Cancer shit!!

Coast longboarding

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Coast Longboarding Concrete Wave: Evolutions Video 2006

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This church will keep Coast Longboarding alive and moving on up.

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