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Gift of Life — The next board meeting is in January. Some really nice sheepshead by any standard are being caught at the CBBT. Fishing for them has not been great the past few years other than around the ocean wrecks. If you can invite a business friend to Rotary maybe we can increase membership. Tom J was not happy about the snow coming back. Call Karen Volkmann for tickets. In only 15 ft of water, the sounder started displaying signs of wreckage and intensely broken structure. Please let Eric know if you and a guest are coming, for out head count.


Rick Please make sure you update your profile. Leave a comment The wind whipped across my face, as the seas furiously crashed around us. Please, if you can show your support for them. Our captain quickly proved his worth, as the wait for a bite was nonexistent. With the brute strength behind the fish, I had no doubt it was a grouper of some sort, but the question was whether it was the target species? Some really nice sheepshead by any standard are being caught at the CBBT. We had held this event before with great success. They were introduced to resume building skills and more. Forty-four of the fifty U. Catches were good on the seaside this spring and more are being caught in the bay so hopefully we will have a better summer. If you can bring a friend to lunch or tell someone about Rotary, we may be able to increase our membership. There were 7 different school districts participating. Although it entangled itself in some cover momentarily, I was able to free it after a little finagling, and soon pumped it up near the boat. We thank you Eric who lead us in the pledge and a wonderful prayer. Flounder are showing some promise this year. Rotarians will be able to introduce themselves and see the smile on these precious children. We split the proceeds with the Interact students for each our own causes. Barbara was happy to be a new Rotarian. Lob the mess over the back of the boat towards the chumline and wait for something to inhale it. Denise was not happy that she has jury duty ;-0 Bob was happy for a great presentation. The Interact clubs are filled with future Rotarians in the making. I braced myself as strongly as I could while the Van Staal drag sounded like a jet taking off. Please let Eric know if you and a guest are coming, for out head count. If you can attend any of these Gift of Life board meetings, it really can give you a better insight into what Rotary is doing to help children around the world. Guy was happy for the snow — maybe also for a snow day ;- Fred was happy to be with us- and then asked if Tom Licari was wearing socks? If you can invite a business friend to Rotary maybe we can increase membership.


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Yellow Tail in Chumline

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The students are wonderful and all support is appreciated. If you can volunteer to read to these young students, please let Cheryl know — it is very rewarding.

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