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He prefers pornography and sexual auto-stimulation to the real thing. But this pertains only to cerebral narcissists - not to somatic narcissists and people who suffer from HPD Histrionic Personality Disorder. They tend to bond with males in male settings army, sports, police, bodybuilding, the Catholic Church and to seek empathy, warmth, support, secure friendship, and love among their male peers. Sex is never an expression of love or emotional connection, because love and genuine emotional connection are things all narcissists avoid like the plague and are incapable of anyway. Thus, his view of women is a projection. It is a terrifying, paralyzing sight - the true face of the narcissist. But, all in all, a stable and enduring relationship can - and often does - develop between dissimilar narcissists. Do narcissists miss loving, would they have liked to love and are they angry with their parents for crippling them so?

Cerebral narcissist asexual

Narcissists are atrabilious, infinitely pessimistic, bad-tempered, paranoid and sadistic in an absent-minded and indifferent manner. The narcissist's whole life is a pathetic and pitiful effort to prove her wrong. This may be less true if the two narcissists work in totally unrelated academic or intellectual fields. In each narcissist, one of the types is dominant. The other hand is his unfortunate female partner. Secondary NS emanates from people who are in constant and repetitive touch with the narcissist. Imperceptibly, the narcissist switches to a non-sexual co-habitation. He recoils instead of getting closer. They equate love with weakness. Sadistically, narcissists tremendously enjoy their ability to frustrate the desires, passions and sexual wishes of women. The somatic narcissist is also prone to multiple sexual relationships and encounters intended to support his somatic and sexual self-image. He stays away from women because he perceives them to be ruthless predators who are out to consume him. He does not necessarily hate people - he simply does not need them. And yet women seem to be interested ONLY in these pursuits. It probably evolved as a way humans could attach to someone else long enough to bear a child and see it through the first year of life, when an infant is at its most vulnerable and needs two parents. Thus, his view of women is a projection. After all, they are the warped creations of women. Thus, caught in a seemingly intractable repetition complex, in approach-avoidance cycles, the narcissist becomes furious at the source of his frustration. The narcissist's mother kept behaving as though the narcissist was and is not special to her. By hating women and defying them - they hate and defy life itself women being the givers of life. The cerebral narcissist convinces himself that he is above all that, endowed as he is with superior intelligence and superhuman self-control. The narcissist believes firmly that women are out to "hunt" men and that this is almost a genetic predisposition. However, as the memories of the crisis fade, as the narcissistic wounds heal, as the Narcissistic Cycle re-commences and the balance is restored — the cerebral narcissist reveals his true colours. The relationship between these two narcissists resembles the one that exists between an artist and his art or or a collector and his collection. They are unable to love in any true sense of the word - nor are they capable of developing any measure of intimacy.

Cerebral narcissist asexual

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Sex and Narcissistic Supply: Cerebral, Somatic, and YOU!

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There are fundamental conflicts between counter-dependence and contempt, neediness and devaluation, seeking and avoiding, turning on the charm to attract adulation and being consumed by wrathful reactions to even the most minuscule "provocations". The narcissist is a lonely wolf.

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