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The number you come up with is your magic number. If your number was four, you would start at the top, count down four items, and cross off the fourth. It stood for Mansion, Apartment, Shack, and House and promised to unlock the secrets of your future. And, if you are feeling a little lost and need some definite direction, M. MASH can be played with just a pen, some paper, and a friend.

Categories for mash game

One of the main elements we all loved so dearly about MASH was the ability to lightly humiliate our friends by assigning to them less-than-stellar options in any of the preselected categories. After all categories have 3 to 4 possible answers, the fortune teller begins drawing a spiral in the middle of the page. When meaner kids were running the show, they would get to select the options for you, but usually you had some say in who was listed. First, the fortune teller should write M. First, choose the categories that will make up your final story. These were our peers on the playground, and they held in their hands our very fates. Continue to cross out every nth entry until a category only has one item left. The fortune teller counts the number of rings the spiral has and uses that as the "MASH fortune number". Unfortunately, most of the options listed in this category were pretty reasonable and rational and hence lacked the shock value of some of the more outlandish categories. Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen: The other person should say "STOP" when they want you to stop drawing he can open his eyes now. MASH is so much more fun with lots of people though. Count from outside to inside the number of lines you drew. It was requisite to list your crush, unattainable famous people, and at least one unsavory kid; this was usually the kid who picked his nose in the back of the classroom or was forever regaling his classmates with stories about what happened last night on his ant farm. The categories usually ran a little something like this, with at least 5 options listed per category: The fortune teller will also write down various categories. This was one of the more important categories, as we all assumed money would make us outstandingly, incomparably happy. Number of Children This was a pretty obvious dimension; two or three were preferable, six was sort of a bummer, and ten was ridiculous. At this point, there were several ways in which to randomly select a benchmark number, all of which were terminated by the fortune seeker saying, "Stop! Type of car you'll drive. They would grab a pencil and a piece of looseleaf and start prophesying. That is, if you didn't get stuck with the puce Buick instead. And for those of us who dreamed of one day owning a shocking fuchsia Maserati, well, this was our chance. Share your stories on Twitter, Facebook, tumblr. Whatever the number of circles or tallies drawn would serve as your reference point number. In the classic game you'll just write the numbers 1 2 3 4 - this will line up with the M A S H that you put at the top.

Categories for mash game

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MASH Game and This or That from Sugar Lulu

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