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This West-Chester school house was a new building at the time, and was located in the portion of the new Cinnaminson Township that was later to become Delran confusing, isn't it? The Burlington County Freeholders rebuilt that end of the bridge and traffic soon began moving again between Camden and Burlington across the old covered bridge. Everyone wanted a voice in the building of new schools and roads, and in a day of horse-drawn vehicles, it was not too easy to attend the township meetings at the new town hall, even though the hall was rather centrally located. A pioneer settler of the Fairview locality was Benjamin Bates. One result of the influx of new faces and ideas was the demand for a partitioning of Cinnaminson Township, which had itself been set off from old Chester Township not too many years before. The old mill site, later owned by the Kendal and Laslocky families, and transformed into Millside property, is one of the historic locations within present-day Delran. Charles Haines lived in a brick home built by his ancestors in the 's on Taylor's Lane. The first Town Meeting was held at the West-Chester schoolhouse. Later, Wallace Lippincott was the lumber dealer.

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The mounds of oyster and clamshells found along the coast by early colonists attest to the Indian visits, and to their duration. This was not the only Indian road across Jersey to the sea, but it was a much-used one. A Coach-horn would be sounded as the coach neared the bridge or rumbled into the old Tavern nearby to take on passengers or change horses. This old house, occupied a number of years ago by the McCarter family, was razed in the 's, walk-in fireplace and all. One wonders, conversely, what the pioneers might make of the what was the Millside Heights Shopping Center now Target Center near the old mill stream, or of Tenby Chase, the then Millside Manor Apartments now Hunters Glen Apartments , or of the housing development named for ancient Swedes Run! Charles Haines lived in a brick home built by his ancestors in the 's on Taylor's Lane. The new change came largely because the balance of population in ChesterTownship had by this time shifted toward the river portion of the township. Of the total Delran population of persons, were listed on the school rolls as "scholars registered. Laurel, and Medford to approach the seacoast. At the beginning of ferry operation in , a tavern was. In the Zion Lutheran Church at Riverside, the services of the early years were in the German language. This left both Delran and Cinnaminson as L-shaped townships each with some frontage on river and creek. Peter's Roman Catholic Church was in the midst of a growing parish dating from about Later, Wallace Lippincott was the lumber dealer. By two new schools were on the scene; one at Bridgeboro, replacing an earlier building, and a new building on the "Burlington Pike" at Fairview. The estimated population in is approximately 17, Riverside's growth, along with continued growth at Bridgeboro accounted for the next change in territorial boundaries. No longer in a location to serve either Cinnaminson or Delran satisfactorily, the town hall was sold and eventually became Frank's Market on Rt. Griscom The history of the territory now known as Delran Township began long before the present name was given to the area in Babington; Collector, Robert M. It was succeeded by a new bridge in , and by a later one in Riverfront towns grew beside the railroad across the next two decades: Great however was the demand for the further partitioning. The Township seat was then known as Chester or Chestertown, which a half-century later became Moorestown. Among these relics are such native tools, ornaments, and weapons as skinning knives, spears, mortars, pestles, pendants, squaw knives, stone pipes, tomahawks, adzes, spades, and bowls.

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Most of this history was written by Lloyd S. The tracks of this early line were laid in , along the riverfront portion of the Township.

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